This is the most outrageous stuff Elon Musk spends his billions on

These are some of the billionaire's most outlandish purchases.

Published on Oct 6, 2023 at 5:12PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Oct 10, 2023 at 3:05PM (UTC+4)

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Elon Musk billionaire purchases

Billionaire Elon Musk has amassed a massive fortune thanks to his multiple tech ventures.

With a net worth of more than $250 billion, he’s the richest person in the world.

And with his million-dollar fortune, Musk owns some of the most expensive and outlandish items in human history.

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Private jets

Elon Musk doesn’t just own one private jet, he owns several.

His first jet, which cost $26 million, has your usual reclining seats, dining room and bedroom, but he bought this before he became a billionaire.

When he reached billionaire territory, Musk forked out $124 million for two Gulfstream G550 private jets just to get one up on billionaire Mark Cuban.

But when the newer G650 model came out he had to cop that, too, splashing another $75 million in the process.

And, just like you and I might put down $1,000 for the newest iPhone model, Elon Musk dropped another $75 million when the latest G700 private jet was released. 

Luxury real estate portfolio

When Elon Musk isn’t jetting around the world, he’s busy buying properties to add to his luxury real estate portfolio.

Musk shelled out $17 million for a 20,248-square-foot mansion in Bel Air, California.

That particular home had seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a gym, a spa, a tennis court, and even its own movie theater. 

He liked the place so much, he decided to buy another six estates in Bel Air, as well as famed comedian Gene Wilder’s former home.

Or that’s what he did do, until he went on a selling spree in 2020 and was left with only a $50,000 home.

A fleet of luxury rides

Elon Musk spends the vast majority of his time coming up with futuristic technologies that can revolutionize transportation.

But, he still finds time to enjoy driving, and actually spends a chunk of his money buying interesting cars.

Over the years his garage has stored some classy beasts, including a 1920 Ford Model T ($25,000), a 1967 Series 1 Jaguar E-Type ($100,000), and a McLaren F1 that set him back $1 million.

He also owned a $100,000 Tesla Roadster which he strapped to a rocket he made and sent it into space.

Luxury personal items

Elon Musk might not look like the flashiest of people, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a tendency to splurge on luxury personal items.

From his one-of-one Air Jordan Tesla shoes to watches including a $50,000 Audemars Piguet and Richard Mille costing $200,000, Musk has a penchant for the finer things in life.

That’s not to mention the expensive pieces of jewelry he’s had custom-made for his exes over the years, including a ring with 10 sapphires and a diamond so big, it cost $1 million.

Twitter / X

Elon Musk’s most recent and controversial purchase might be one of his biggest ever.

When regular people don’t like the way an app works, they just uninstall it, but Musk does things a little differently.

When Twitter was censoring tons of people, Elon decided to take a little break from getting us to Mars and bought the company so he could take control.

So, in true Musk fashion, the billionaire purchased Twitter for $44 billion, despite the many issues it was facing.

That being said, he’s working hard to turn the app around, even rebranding Twitter to X.

Apparently, he plans to turn it into a super app – and if it’s anything like China’s WeChat, X could be worth upwards of $80 billion.

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