These are the craziest, most expensive jets, mansions and yachts Jeff Bezos owns

With a net worth of around $163 billion, he’s ranked as the world’s third richest man – but what does someone with that amount of money spend it on?

Published on Sep 20, 2023 at 6:18PM (UTC+4)

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These are the crazy expensive things owned by Jeff Bezos

What do a robot dog, a 400-foot superyacht and a lake house in Seattle all have in common?

Jeff Bezos, the guy who founded Amazon, owns them all.

With a net worth hovering around $163 billion, he’s ranked as the world’s third richest man – but what does someone with that amount of money spend it on?

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Private Jet

Worth: $65 million

Whether traveling for business or finding time to attend events in the ‘Billionaire’s Social Calendar’, Jeff Bezos is often on the go.

And sometimes, with so many obligations, commercial aviation doesn’t cut it for the world’s most prosperous.

Time is the only asset we can’t get back, so it’s no wonder the executive chairman owns a Gulfstream G650ER private jet.

Equipped with two Rolls-Royce engines, the G650ER can travel 7,500 nautical miles (13,890 kilometers), reaching heights of 51,000 feet between Mach 0.85 (1,049km) and 0.925 (1,142km).

Lake House in Medina, Washington

Worth: $118 million

When Jeff Bezos isn’t jetting around the world, he’s on the hunt for another trophy to add to his already-impressive real estate portfolio.

One of the first homes Bezos purchased following his newfound success with Amazon was in Medina, Seattle.

He paid $10 million in 1998 for the 20,600-square-foot, five-bedroom, four-bathroom house, according to Realtor.com.

Then, in 2005, he reportedly spent $50 million on a neighboring 8,300-square-foot mansion with five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Bezos dropped another $28 million in renovations on the combined estate in 2010, for a total of $88 million spent on the estate – $118 million, adjusting for inflation.


Worth: $500 million

Koru is a luxury superyacht owned by Jeff Bezos.

The vessel was built in the Netherlands by Oceanco starting in 2021, and was delivered to its billionaire owner earlier this year.

It’s a three-masted sailing yacht that’s 127 meters (417 feet) long and is reported to have cost $500 million to build.

When commissioned, Koru was the second-largest sailing yacht in the world, after Sailing Yacht A.

Robot Dog

Worth: $74,500

In 2018, Jeff Bezos was pictured strutting alongside a four-legged robot dog at Amazon’s ‘Mars’ conference in Palm Springs, California.

SpotMini, created by Massachusetts engineering firm Boston Dynamics, is the most advanced robot dog ever created.

The canine can trot around, hold objects using an attachable arm, and even open doors by itself.

Beverly Hills Estate

Worth: $165,000,000

In a record-shattering deal just before the Covid pandemic, Bezos purchased a $165 million mansion from billionaire producer David Geffen.

The stunning, 12,254-square-foot home near Sunset Boulevard reveals distressed wood plank floors, fresco walls, diamond-shaped windows and hand-carved doors.

The eight-bedroom, 10-bathroom estate has its very own koi pond, a European garden, a lagoon-like pool and spa, waterfalls, and a tennis court.

The estate also boasts a dining room for 12, a formal living room with an antique fireplace, an indoor-outdoor bar, a game room, and a den with a fireplace.

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