This young pilot just flew his tiny plane from the US to India

The boys flew for 72 hours, with stop-offs in Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, Italy, Egypt, and the UAE.

by | Published on 28th Jul 2023

There’s taking a trip of a lifetime and then there’s this.

This pilot recently embarked on an insane trip with his buddy, flying from the USA to India.

The wild thing is they did it in a Cessna.

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You don’t need to be an aviation expert to know that’s no mean feat.

The 285-horsepower Cessna Turbo Stationair TC they flew has a maximum cruising speed of around 288 km/h (178 mph).

It can only reach 26,000 feet and has a range of around 1,352 kilometers (840 miles).

So, how did they make it across the Atlantic?

In a video posted to TikTok, the guys documented their insane trip from start to finish.

And, as you can imagine, the video has thrown up lots of questions.

In response to one query, the pilot explained that they had a ferry tank in the back of the aircraft, which explains how they made it across the Atlantic.

They still had to make plenty of stops on the way.

After departing the US, they made their first fuel stop in Canada, before flying on to Greenland.

Full of fuel and ready to go again, they flew to Iceland to top up and take in some of the sights.

After Iceland came Scotland, where the guys enjoyed a local tour and, of course, some fish and chips.

From Scotland, the guys flew to Italy to refuel once again, before setting off for Egypt.

Apparently, out of all the fuel stops Egypt was the most expensive, costing $16 per gallon to fill the tiny plane.

Next stop was the UAE, where the guys touched down in Dubai to take in the sights and enjoy some downtime playing golf.

The final leg was from Dubai to India, where they rounded off their journey which took an incredible 72 hours of flying time. 



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