The famous Crescent House has just hit the market for $20m

This crazy half moon-shaped mansion is known as the 'Crescent House' and it's an incredible piece of real estate.

by | Published on 4th Feb 2023

This is the Crescent House, a half moon-shaped mansion situated in Encinitas, California.

It looks insane but the price is relatively reasonable considering the home’s location, size, and features.

It costs $20 million, and as crazy as it sounds, that’s almost what you’d call average in California.

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Sitting on a hill overlooking the Pacific coastline, the mansion offers 6,300 square feet of usable space.

Inside the mansion, you’ll find five bedrooms and six bathrooms.

Most California homes for the mega rich have both elevators and staircases but this one takes it up a notch because it also has ramps.


Among other things, the half-moon shaped mansion also comprises a gym, a yoga room, a media room and a Masterchef-style kitchen.

The main structure was built using a combination of concrete, titanium and glass.

These materials were also used for the courtyard and the crescent-shaped pool.

Once you step inside, you’ll find plenty of wood and Italian marble.

Even though it looks modern and futuristic, the Crescent House was actually built in 2003.

This, by California real estate standards, is basically considered a long time ago.

Still, the home aged just like fine wine, and it has obviously been refurbished a couple of times since.

Matt Altman and Josh Altman hold the listing.

The home is available for a hair under $20 million, $19.9 to be exact.

California’s housing market is flooded with multi-million dollar mansions of this size but this one is definitely special. .

From the unique exterior shape to the oustanding design of the courtyard, the Crescent House certainly stands out.



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