Crowd watches huge gathering of DeLoreans as they go round DeLorean test track

  • A fleet of DeLoreans turned up at the DeLorean Revival meet up
  • The cars were able to make use of the original DeLorean test track
  • The meet up comes as DeLorean gears up to release its first car in 40 years

Published on Jun 11, 2024 at 11:26 AM (UTC+4)
by Claire Reid

Last updated on Jun 11, 2024 at 7:55 PM (UTC+4)
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A huge fleet of DeLoreans gathered together for the ‘DeLorean Revival’ in Belfast, Northern Ireland at the weekend.

Fans of the cult car – made famous by the Back to the Future movie franchise – turned out in their droves to attend the meet-up on Saturday June 7 and Sunday June 8.

The iconic car actually has a pretty important link to Northern Ireland as it was produced in a factory in Dunmurry – a town a few miles out from Belfast City Centre. 

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How many DeLoreans turned up?

The DeLorean Revival saw 62 of the classic cars turn up from across the UK and further afield. 

Co-organizer David Mathers told the Belfast Telegraph: “Over the last few months, it has grown from half a dozen cars coming for a small car show to 62 coming for a big Stormont event.” 

As the event was held near the original production site, the organizers were able to secure access to the test track at the old factory. 

David said: “About eight weeks ago, I got a friend of mine in with two diggers to clear the DeLorean track and it’s all in great shape now.

“We spent about a week taking all the grass and trees away. It’s all there, looking as if it has just been built.

“We had together nearly £10,000 ($12,729) to clear it.

“A couple of Americans donated a few thousand pounds and all our boys here pitched in with money to do so.”

If you’re interested, you can check out the DeLorean Revival website here

What’s the latest on the DeLorean Alpha5?

And if all this talk of DeLoreans has got you feeling nostalgic for the distinctive-looking car, then you may be pleased to learn that it is making a comeback. 

Yep – like many Hollywood classics, the DeLorean is getting its very own reboot in the form of the Alpha5. 

Four decades on from the original, the Alpha5 is set to go into production later this year

The fully-electric Alpha5 will boast a more modern look than its predecessor, but will still feature the famous gull-wing doors, which – when opened – have light panels on the front and back that continue down onto the bumper.

As yet, it’s not 100 percent certain when the cars will start rolling off the production line – but reservations are open if you fancy getting your hands on one.

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