Cybertruck driver documents his 1,340-mile road trip and everything he discovers about the car

The YouTuber ran into some issues along the way.
  • YouTuber, Dennis Wang, took his Cybertruck on a 1,340-mile road trip and posted the experience online
  • Wang enjoyed the electric truck’s spacious design, but ran into some hiccups along the way
  • Customers started taking delivery of the Cybertruck in November 30

Published on Jan 16, 2024 at 4:34PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Jan 17, 2024 at 5:45PM (UTC+4)

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Cybertruck driver documents his 1,340-mile road trip and everything he discovers about the car

Just weeks after the Cybertruck started being shipped to customers, a YouTuber has documented a cross-country road trip in the much-hyped EV pickup.

Dennis Wang and his friend took a Foundation Series version of the truck on a 27-hour road trip from Austin, Texas to Joshua Tree National Park in California.

And while Wang, who runs DennisCW, a YouTube channel focusing on Tesla, put the Cybertruck through its paces and enjoyed the ride, he reportedly ran into some issues along the way.

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“It’s the most comfortable Tesla that I’ve owned, but in terms of efficiency, it was definitely lacking in range, and we had to stop a lot along the way,” Wang said.

To be fair, the YouTuber is well versed on the subject, having driven all four other Tesla models.

Despite having an estimated range of 515km (320 miles) on its all-wheel drive option, Wang claims, at times, it felt as if that range was cut in half.

Apparently, the pair had to stop 12 times during the 1,340-mile trip, which equates to just over 110 miles between charges, and they had to stop every one to two hours to recharge.

The pair took it in turns to drive and the stops turned what would’ve been a 20-hour road trip into a 27-hour one.

Wang believes the inefficiencies in range are due to cooler temperatures in Texas, as well has his tendency to speed.

He did however say that he’d seen improved range when driving in California, presumably due to the state’s more temperate climate.

Wang isn’t the first to point out some potential issues with the Cybertruck’s estimated range.

He also claims that closing the tonneau, the cover spanning the back of the Cybertruck, helped improve the EV’s range.

Another issue Wang experienced was when he stopped to use Tesla’s Superchargers, as many didn’t appear to be designed with the Cybertruck’s larger size in mind.

Wang isn’t the only one to struggle with the Cybertruck’s size, with Pharrell Williams recently struggling to park his EV in the middle of Miami.

“You had to back up as far as possible to the parking stop for the cable to reach, and sometimes the cable was barely long enough to plug into the car,” Wang said.

Perhaps the most frustrating issue Wang faced was with the Cybertruck’s infotainment system in the front, which glitched about 12 hours into the trip.

The YouTuber said that the screen went black and although it still appeared to be responsive then they taped on it, it was no longer.

As a consequence, the pair had to rely on the Tesla app to control some of the vehicle’s features.

The infotainment system apparently lit back up after they’d arrived at their destination and had turned off the truck for several hours.

Despite the hiccups along the way, Wang and his friend enjoyed the experience, especially the spacious cabin and comfort of the vehicle.

“It’s a fantastic truck,” Wang said.

“The interior and build quality are definitely one of Tesla’s best. It makes me really excited for what future Teslas will look like.”

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