Dad turns his ride-on lawn mower into a TANK

Published on Jun 28, 2022 at 10:59 AM (UTC+4)
by Kate Bain

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Dad turns his ride-on lawn mower into a TANK

This guy turned his ride-on lawnmower into a tank and it’s the most bonkers creation ever. 

Jason Hibbs said the idea came to him while mowing his massive lawn in Oregon in the US. 

And because he was in lockdown, he had all the time in the world. 

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When Hibbs got to work in his backyard shed, he said he had no exact plan but just started “cutting stuff up”. 

First, he created a tank-shaped shell around his lawn mower with plywood.

“I started screwing things together and hoping it looked like a tank,” he said. 

“And what do you know, it really started to look like a tank.” 

With the structural frame finished, he then coated it with sheets of plywood. 

Lawn mower is turned into a tank
Bourbon Moth Woodworking / Youtube

Once the base was done, he cut out a hole for the gun turret – which he planned to use to shoot potatoes at his neighbors. 

Hibbs then got to work spray painting everything the color of metal. 


Once spray painted, Hibbs’ lawnmower really started to look like a tank. 

But that wasn’t enough for the professional builder. 

Metal wheels added to the lawn mower tank
Bourbon Moth Woodworking / Youtube

He then screwed on even more plywood to look like armor and stencilled stars on the sides. 

He even added LED headlights and attached a real axe and spade to give it that extra bit of ‘grunt’. 

While Hibbs was building the body, his neighbor was busy making metal wheels for the tank. 

Making the lawn mower tank tracks

To make the tracks, they used composite decking and tow straps then attached them to the wheels. 

And considering how the tracks were made, the tracks look the part and work perfectly. 

With a few finishing touches, like painting his son’s name on the barrel, the tank was finally finished. 

Hibbs then had just one last thing to do – fuel up. 

So he rode his new lawn mower tank through the streets of Oregon to the burrito stand, where he got himself a, you guessed it, burrito. 

Now he was fuelled up, Hibbs was ready to mow his lawn.

And while his ride-on mower worked the same as it always had, it now looked 100 times cooler.

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