Behind the scenes of one of the most dangerous jobs in the world

These guys repair 400,000-volt electric powerlines while dangling from a helicopter. The footage is absolutely wild.

by | Published on 23rd May 2023

Ever wondered how those massive electric power lines get fixed when something goes wrong? 

Neither did we. 

But this video shows just how it’s done and it’s absolutely wild.

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The men who do this job are called linemen and they have to be extremely brave. 

Before the work can begin, the linemen have to suit up in specially-made protective gear that prevents them from being electrocuted. 

They look like the suits beekeepers wear, but a super extreme version. 

Once they’re all decked out in their protective gear, they get taken up into the sky by helicopter. 

And these are no ordinary helicopters.

These helicopters are designed with a platform specifically created for the job. 

Once they’re taken up high above the power lines, the linemen are then dangled down from the chopper. 

First, the linemen brush the damaged line on both sides, then they use a shunt to repair it. 

After this, they use a power driver to tighten the fasteners. 

And they do all this while dangling from a helicopter at least 60 feet above the ground.

They often work during high winds too, so there’s no room for error.

Despite being incredibly dangerous, this job is almost unheard of. 

In fact, it’s just one of many lesser-known jobs that take serious guts to do. 

Underwater welding is an incredibly dangerous job, and also one of the best-paying careers for divers. 

It’s an essential job and yet almost no one’s heard of it.

Among the many dangers attached to the work, divers face the risk of drowning, hypothermia, and electrocution. 

So, to avoid the worst from happening, they have to be highly skilled at what they do – just like power line repairmen. 

Underwater welders are also required to wear special protective gear to prevent them from getting electrocuted. 

These special coveralls also prevent molten metal pieces from flying into the workers and burning them. 

Footage taken from these underwater jobs is crazy, just check out the flames inches away from this worker’s face: 

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