This AI-powered bot can change a tire twice as fast as a human

Not only can the robotic tire changer change a tire twice as quick as a human, it can check for tire wear patterns and potential wheel alignment issues, too.

by | Published on 23rd May 2023

If you’ve ever changed a tire, you’ll know it’s not an easy job.

For starters, it’s fiddly – but it’s also incredibly time consuming and can be messy.

This AI-powered robot makes it look like a breeze, though.

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Equipped with AI algorithms, the robotic tire changer speeds up repair and service processes by half the time compared to a skilled technician.

Not only that, but the robotic tire changer rapidly analyzes and adapts to various tire sizes, types, and vehicle models.

Like a teacher’s pet, the robotic tire changer is eager to please.

It continuously learns and refines, with its AI-powered systems efficiently processing information and executing with increased precision.

This clever piece of tech was designed by the aptly-named RoboTire.

The Michigan-based robotics and automation company designs and manufactures systems for auto repair shops, fleet operators, and dealerships.

We can see the RoboTire bot in action in the video below, where it takes the tires off of a Toyota Camry and puts them back on.

RoboTire’s capabilities extend far beyond mere speed, though.

The bot has the ability to gather valuable data, including tire wear patterns and potential wheel alignment issues, too.

The good news is, though, as a customer you won’t have to wait as long to get your tires changed.

Despite RoboTire’s capabilities, it’s not actually intended to replace human technicians.

Instead, it’s intended to augment their skills and expertise, with human oversight remaining crucial for quality control and handling compex scenarios.

Basically, human technicians will be able to sit back and relax, while the RoboTire does all the hard work.

It will be interestig to see the integration of AI in the automotive industry in the future, as it’s bound to shape way in which we maintain and service our vehicles.



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