The Tesla Cybertruck autopilot feature can drive you to the future

  • The Tesla Cybertruck is packed with cool features
  • It has its own autopilot and full self driving system
  • Autopilot comes standard on every new Tesla

Published on May 27, 2024 at 4:59 PM (UTC+4)
by Claire Reid

Last updated on May 28, 2024 at 9:00 AM (UTC+4)
Edited by Alessandro Renesis

As you may have come to expect – Tesla’s Cybertruck is packed full of cool features and is kitted out with an impressive autopilot and self-driving system. 

Autopilot on cars is nothing new, with numerous manufacturers, including BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi, all making the most of new advances in tech to help provide a better trip for drivers.

However, Tesla has raised the game with its full self driving capabilities.

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Autopilot comes as standard on all new Tesla vehicles, and the aim is to make driving safer and less stressful, but there’s normal Autopilot and FSD, which stands for Full Self-Driving.

Both are pretty impressive, as you can see from the reaction of people who’d never tried it before.

Your basic autopilot comes with ‘traffic aware cruise control’, which matches the speed of your vehicle to those around it.

It also includes Autosteer, which, as the name suggests, aids steering within a marked lane.

“Your vehicle will be able to drive itself almost anywhere with minimal driver intervention and will continuously improve,” this is game-changing ability that Tesla promises on its website.

For drivers and manufacturers alike, a fully autonomous car is the dream, but Tesla believes it will become a reality, as long as we get the regulatory framework right.

The Cybertruck was launched in the US in late 2023, and even though it’s technically only available over there for now, one has already made its way to Dubai.

There are rumors about a potential launch in other regions, including China, South Korea, Canada and Australia, but they’re just rumors, for now.

What we do know is the Cybertruck is currently on a ‘world tour’, touching down on several locations across Europe and the Middle East.

Tesla calls it the Cyber-Odyssey tour.

Unlike other Tesla vehicles, the Cybertruck doesn’t come with FSD (full self-driving) capabilities just yet, but Musk says this is going to change soon.

So stay tuned.

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