The first Cybertruck to reach Dubai is just parked on the beach

The Model S and Model 3 look tiny parked next to it
  • The first Cybertruck has been delivered by Tesla to the UAE
  • One YouTuber got to check it out and, in true Tesla style, was also treated to an over-the-top light show
  • It’s a Foundation Series, which means it will sell for at least $100,000

Published on May 9, 2024 at 2:08PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on May 9, 2024 at 2:08PM (UTC+4)

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The Tesla Cybertruck
Mo Vibes / YouTube

The Cybertruck has finally made it to the UAE.

And, as expected, its first port of call wasn’t a regular showroom but rather a beach in Dubai.

This is the first Cybertruck to land on UAE shores and means the already-legendary truck will soon be available for purchase in the country.

One YouTuber got to check it out and, in true Tesla style, was also treated to an over-the-top light show.

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Tesla has just launched the Cyber Odyssey tour, which will see the futuristic stainless steel truck heading through Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the UAE.

The first Cybertruck in Dubai just arrived and is parked on the beach in front of a Tesla dealership in City Center Mirdif.

Next up it’ll be heading to Jubail Mangrove Park in Abu Dhabi for a few days before returning to Dubai.

It’s being treated like a celebrity in town, which makes sense given all the hype around the car, which boasts pure power, a totally unique look, and a range of cool hidden features.

Mo Vibes was amongst those clamoring to get a photo and a chance to sit in the Cybertruck.

What was instantly apparent was just how huge the car is, especially when parked next to a Tesla Model S and Model 3, which looked like toy cars in comparison.

Mo took a tour of the exterior, which showed the tonneau cover in action and the inscription on the back that revealed it was a Foundation Series model.

This means it will sell for at least $100,000.

This version of the truck has a white dashboard and door cards, which many say doesn’t suit the rest of the car’s aesthetic.

It’s not uncommon to see owners customizing theirs to an all-black interior.

Some owners have taken it even further by customizing the rust-proof stainless steel exterior too, like the person who added a hologram wrap.

Inside, Mo demonstrated how all the car’s functions can be controlled from the display screen, including the suspension.

The display screen showed the fully-charged Cybertruck had 292 miles of charge in it, which can be increased to 440–470 miles, with a range extender.

The Cybertruck then performed a light show, synchronized with the Model S and 3, and featuring choreography by the frunk.

This is actually not the first truck of its kind to drive on UAE soil, but it’s the first official one.

Someone recently sold one brought in from the US for $141,577.

While it’s exciting for Tesla’s wildest offering to finally be available in the UAE, some have questioned whether it’s suited to the area.

“This is going to be a nightmare on the road on a sunny day,” one commenter said.

“CyberOven,” another commenter said.

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