This couple just transformed their truck into the most unique camper ever

Published on Sep 14, 2023 at 4:04 PM (UTC+4)
by Andie Reeves

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This couple just transformed their truck into the most unique camper ever

This German couple took a sleeper cab and transformed it into their very own DIY camper van.

Before its makeover, this MAN TGX truck had a simple single mattress behind the driver’s seat.

Now it has an electric lift bed, a balcony, and even a shower.

Manuela and Waldi Peters decided to combine their love for all things car-related and take on a new challenge.

They call it the Tiny Truck Camper project.

First, they bought a MAN TGX as a base for their vision.

They couldn’t find a trailer the size they wanted so bought a 7.5m long one and trimmed it to 3m.

Now the space has been transformed into a beautiful and cozy home-away-from-home.

Their latest addition to the van was a balcony.

Adding the deck to the back of the van gave them 3m² more floor space, which by camper van standards is massive.

The couple also replaced the standard chairs with cushioned benches.

The main area is now also lined with a modern and sleek counter cabinet, made with the help of every DIY lover’s best friend, IKEA.

Here they cook their meals, with a window view of whatever part of the German countryside they’ve parked near that day.

There is also a TV and ample storage hidden underfoot.

The bed is on an electric lift, slowly lowering with the press of a switch until it comes to rest on top of the kitchen counter.

The couple made the bed themselves with a slatted base and double mattress.

But perhaps the most impressive feat of this build is their bathroom.

While it’s tiny, the room is completely tiled and finished with chic modern fittings.

With their water heating system and rain showerhead, this is a DIY camper shower like you’ve never seen before.

At first glance, you’d be left wondering where the toilet was.

A pull of a drawer reveals it, tucked away neatly under the sink.

While we’re not sure how the actual sewage system works here, it’s a pretty ingenious design.

The couple has been on the road with their Tiny Truck Camper a lot recently, taking it for a spin around the Netherlands and Luxembourg too.

The best part?

The Tiny Truck Camper fits perfectly in a regular parking spot.

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