YouTuber buys destroyed McLaren P1, vowing to ‘spend every cent I have to restore it’

A YouTuber called Tavarish will restore the destroyed McLaren P1 after telling his followers he would buy it if he got 40,000 likes.

by | Published on 16th Jan 2023

The $1.3 million McLaren P1 that was destroyed in Hurricane Ian has a brand new life ahead of it. 

The P1 has been sold to a creator called Tavarish who has vowed to “spend every cent I have to restore it down to the last bolt”. 

And the most exciting part? He’s going to share the journey on YouTube.

READ MORE! Remember the $1.3m McLaren P1 destroyed in Hurricane Ian? Now it’s up for sale

The bright yellow supercar made headlines when it was destroyed during the hurricane in September last year. 

Its then-owner, Ernie, posted photos of the car waterlogged and surrounded by junk when his Florida garage was inundated.


Ernie then took his Instagram followers on a journey as the car was swept outside and down the street, before ultimately landing on top of a toilet in the middle of the street. 

The images went mega-viral and the P1 became the most famous destroyed supercar in the world. 

Now, just four months later, it’s in new hands with a bright future ahead of it.

So, how did it come to be owned by Tavarish

When the car was listed for sale by Copart, Tavarish took to his Instagram page with a proposal. 

“If this post gets 40,000 likes, I will spend every cent I have (and borrow) to buy this McLaren P1 from Copart and restore it down to the last bolt for YouTube’s biggest car project ever,” he said. 

And as you might’ve guessed, the post got 40,000 likes. 

In fact, it’s now sitting at 178,000 likes. 

And true to his word, Tavarish bought the destroyed McLaren P1, for a reported $400,000, and vowed to restore it.

When he revealed his new purchase to his followers on Instagram, his comments section flooded with suggestions. 

“LS swap it and call it a day,” one person said. 

Another agreed, suggesting Tavarish put a Tesla Plaid drivetrain in it. 

While it’s not yet known how much money it will take to restore the supercar, YouTuber TK’s Garage estimated it would cost at least $400,000. 

“I wish whoever bought that car good luck in putting it together,” he said.



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