Disney fan? You can now wear Dumbo, Pinocchio, Bambi and the Lion King on your wrist

Why stop at Mickey Mouse when you can have six Disney-themed watches? Meet the Undone Urban collection featuring Bambi, Peter Pan, Dumbo, Tinker Bell, pinocchio and the Lion King.

by | Published on 7th Mar 2022

There’s a growing demand for timepieces with cartoon characters on the dial and while most watch brands use Mickey Mouse, there’s a watch company called Undone that decided to go the whole nine yard.

Undone has created six different timepieces with different characters that were either created by Walt Disney, or made popular by Disney.

Underneath the dial, all of them (except for the Tinker Bell, more on that later) are based on the same model called ‘Urban’, a relatively compact watch (40 mm, 46 g) made from stainless steel and powered by a Japanese meca-quartz movement with a flyback chronograph function.

In simple terms: the watch is powered by a quartz module (battery) but it vibrates at a higher frequency, which is why the chronograph hand sweeps instead of ticking.

The Tinker Bell is smaller (34 mm) and powered by a slightly different movement (also a meca-quartz) and fitted with a longer strap that’s designed to go around your wrist twice.

The Bambi comes with a white dial and brown leather strap; the Dumbo has a light blue dial with a matching leather strap, the Lion King boasts a bright yellow dial wth an orange strap; the Peter Pan features a dark, forest green dial with a matching leather strap; the Pinocchio has a dark blue dial and a suede strap and lastly, the Tinker Bell has a sparkly black dial and a light grey leather strap.

Each piece is limited to 100 pieces, which might help the watch retain its value just in case, and priced at $339.

What’s your pick?



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