Disney’s Ice Age movie is 20-years-old… yes it makes us feel old too

Twenty years since the movie graced our screens, Disney is bringing Ice Age back.

by | Published on 22nd Mar 2022

March 22 2022 is a sobering day for millennials because the cult classic Ice Age is officially turning 20.

The early 2000s had countless cinematic classics from The Incredibles to Up, but very few delivered the same thrill as Ice Age.

From the accidental kidnapping of babies to sarcastic mammoths and scary saber-toothed tigers, Ice Age had it all.

And in some good news, Ice Age is coming back to our screens.

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The movies follow Manny (Mammoth), Sid (Sloth), Diego (saber-toothed tiger) and friends on big adventures, the first being a migration.

Since the movie that was launched in 2002, Disney’s 20th Century Studios has released five more Ice Age movies – with one more arriving to Disney Plus later this month.

The new film is called The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild and it follows some of the hilarious escapades of Buck and the possum twins Crash and Eddie.

It takes place in a dinosaur-filled world and will arrive on our screens on March 25 2022.

We for one are thankful there will be more Ice Age movies.



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