Man constructs his own off-road Cybertruck from scratch

  • A guy built a DIY Cybertruck based on a Ford Ranger
  • The truck is based on a 1993 Ranger, and fitted with off-road suspension and tires
  • He crafted the bodywork himself

Published on Jun 24, 2024 at 11:48 AM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

Last updated on Jun 24, 2024 at 4:27 PM (UTC+4)
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A man built his own DIY Cybertruck that started off as a Ford Ranger.

It looks roughly the same as a ‘real’ Cybertruck, but at the same time it looks different.

Like another vehicle with its own identity.

And it seems to be extremely competent off-road.

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Luke Alan, who goes by Lukie_dude on Instagram, crafted his own Cybertruck using a Ford Ranger as a donor vehicle.

For his build, he didn’t use a modern-day Ranger — he actually used a 1993 model.

The vehicle retains the same chassis and powertrain as the Ford, and Alan added a custom-built Cybertruck body on top of the chassis.

A DIY Cybertruck that’s also an excellent off-roader

Cybertruck is pretty apt off-road, but this Ranger-turned-Cybertruck appears to be designed specifically for when there’s no more tarmac, just dirt and dust and rocks.

Part of the reason why this DIY Cybertruck looks so comfortable off-road is the suspension system, which is reminiscent of the ‘bouncy’ suspension used by monster trucks.

It also sits high off the ground, and of course, it is fitted with chunky off-road tires.

DIY Cybertrucks are everywhere

People have been building DIY Cybertrucks pretty much since the original Cybertruck announcement in 2019.

There was a four — or five-year gap between the announcement and the actual public debut, which happened in November last year, and people simply wanted one.

And because one wasn’t available, they built one.

Due to its unique design language, unlike anything we’d seen before, Cybertruck became an instant classic and an icon.

For this reason, we’ve seen a long list of DIY Cybertrucks, from versions that were built ironically, to some that could (almost) fool Elon Musk himself.

In fact, Elon actually responded to one of these DIY Cybertrucks.

And he apparently liked it.

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