Watch this abandoned car get turned into a homemade Lamborghini Huracán

This 'Lamborghini' used to be a rusted-out hatchback abandoned in a forest.

by | Published on 9th Oct 2022

A group of friends has turned an abandoned car into a homemade Lamborghini Huracán supercar and the result is incredible.

In a video uploaded to Youtube, they show the entire 210-day process, from finding the abandoned car in a forest to the finished result you see here.

DIY Lamborghini Huracán rear three quarter
Image: Kings of Craft

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It all started with a decrepit hatchback they found rusting away in the woods.

Once they had that, they started work on the chassis.


They removed most of the main structure, including the doors and the roof, before slashing the floor section into two pieces so they could add an extension.

And this is just the start because they then build the remaining bits of the chassis from scratch to give their creation the same proportions as a mid-engined supercar.

The bodywork was made in a single block using a mixture of resin and fiberglass and reinforced with several layers of paint.

The same exact process was used to created the doors, the hood, the trunk and the wheels.

Even the interior was re-created with painstaking attention to detail.

Inside, you’ll find the same center console and the same dashboard that you’d find in a real Lamborghini Huracán.

Well, at least in terms of design.

The seats look a bit different but you can’t have it all.

This being a Lambo, they obviously painted it orange.

So it looks like a Lambo, but does it drive like one?

Probably not.

It would’ve been nigh on impossible to fit a V10 inside a car this small so they simply used the engine they found under the hood.

Mind you, the standard 3-cylinder engine was brought back to life with new filters, new gaskets and new spark plugs.

Given all that, this homemade Lamborghini is mighty impressive.

And it certainly makes you do a double take.

Watch this!



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