Dad builds jet-powered Ferrari dragster in his backyard garage

This DIY Ferrari Enzo is powered by two massive Rolls-Royce jet engines.

by | Published on 7th Oct 2022

This insane-looking dragster was built by a Canadian dad in his garage. 

Modeled after a Ferrari Enzo, it’s powered by two massive Rolls-Royce jet engines. 

It took Canadian man Ryan McQueen 17 years to build this from scratch, and the result is ‘Insanity’. 

That’s literally the name of the car, and you can easily see why.

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McQueen started the project back in 2004 after he saw a jet-powered dragster for the very first time. 

That experience changed everything for the father-of-two.


McQueen, who’s just a regular guy and not any type of engineer or mechanic, immediately dropped everything to build his very own jet-fueled supercar. 

McQueen told supercarblondie.com he started crafting the shape of the body out of wood, styrofoam, fiberglass, and body filler. 

Teaching himself how to weld, he fabricated the chassis to accommodate the massive jet engines.

He said it took him two years to build the steel tube frame and five years to build the body out of fiberglass.

McQueen said he didn’t know anything about building cars and literally taught himself everything he needed to know on Youtube. 

The homemade jet-fueled Ferrari Enzo is 6.4 meters (21 feet) in length and 2.3 meters (7.8 feet) wide. 

It holds 400 liters of fuel and can burn all 400 liters in under three minutes. 

In comparison, a normal car could be driven from New York to Los Angeles on that amount of fuel.

McQueen says his homemade car can churn out an insane 18,000 horsepower, which is equivalent to the power of 39 Corvettes. 

It supposedly also has a top speed of 640km/h (400mph). 

Just for comparison, that’s 100mph faster than the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport which became the first street-legal car to break 300mph earlier this year. 

In fact, McQueen’s DIY project is so fast it gets up to 4 Gs of force. 

And then it records negative 5 Gs as soon as the two parachutes are deployed. 

The Canadian father said he poured an estimated $69,000 into the car, which is pretty good considering he built an 18,000-hp ‘Ferrari’.



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