Fans baffled after Drake gives random ‘wild’ car shout-out on new album

If you’ve given it a listen yet, you might’ve noticed the slightly unusual shout-out.

Published on Oct 10, 2023 at 3:38PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Oct 11, 2023 at 9:16AM (UTC+4)

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Fans baffled after Drake gives random 'wild' car shout-out on new album

Drake dropped his new album “For All The Dogs” a few days ago.

It’s the Canadian rapper’s eighth album and will be the last we hear from him for a while – but more on that later.

If you’ve given it a listen yet, you might’ve noticed an unusual shout-out.

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At the end of the album’s second track, “Amen”, the outgoing voice message for Mercedes-Benz of Beaumont can clearly be heard.

About 20 seconds from the end of the song, the trill of a phone line ringing can be heard twice over the lyrics followed by the voice message.

“Thank you for calling Mercedes-Benz of Beaumont. If you know your party’s extension, you may dial it at any time or dial nine for company directory. For sales, please press one.”

The sound of what we can only assume is the number one key being pressed is then heard by the trill of the line ringing and the song ends.

Perhaps the fact that Teezo Touchdown, a rapper from Beaumont, is featured on the track has something to do with it.

It wasn’t long before fans picked up on the unusual shout-out and took to X to talk about it.

“This man Drake got the Mercedes-Benz of Beamont menu reading in a song on his album 👏😂 Wild!” one user posted.

“Not Mercedes-Benz of Beaumont @Drake 😂😂😂” another commented.

Just hours after the release of his new album, Drake announced that he would be taking a break from music.

Apparently, the multi-Grammy winner has had stomach issues.

“I probably won’t make music for a little bit, I’m gonna be honest,” he said on his radio show.

“I need to focus on my health, first and foremost – and I’ll talk about that soon enough.

“Nothing crazy, but just like, you know, I want people to be healthy in life, and I’ve been having the craziest problems for years with my stomach.

“I’m going to lock the door on the studio for a little bit.

“I don’t even know what a little bit is. Maybe a year or something. Maybe a little longer.”

Drake later posted a clip from the radio show on Instagram, telling his 143 million followers, “see ya when I see ya.”

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