Watch this guy drive his trucks using a PlayStation controller

Diego has figured out how to drive big semi-trucks with his Nintendo and PlayStation controllers.

by | Published on 11th Aug 2023

This guy can drive trucks with gaming console controllers. 

Diego Felipe Andrade has designed and built a wireless system to allow his gaming controllers to connect to and drive his trucks. 

And now he’s managed to do it with a bunch of different devices including his Nintendo and PlayStation controller.

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Andrade, who goes by Didi Da Boleia online, has garnered a pretty big following on Instagram and YouTube, where he shows off his crazy inventions. 

Since starting in 2009, the Brazilian creator has gained 150,000 followers on Instagram and another 1,000 on YouTube. 

His growing following is unsurprising given how crazy his videos are – watch this! 

When Supercar Blondie shared his work on Facebook, it got a huge response. 

Some people were a massive fan of his work and thought it could actually pave the way for safer driving. 

“If they could perfect this, it would actually benefit us [truck] drivers when we have to back in off a busy street or into a tight spot,” one man said. 

“I think this is a good idea for tight spaces, but not open roading,” another said.

But not everyone was so sure about the idea. 

Some were concerned what would happen if the connection between the controller and truck dropped out. 

“Absolute dumbest thing I’ve seen. Just what we need is a big heavy semi out of control because the connection to the controller malfunctioned,” they said.

Andrade’s not the only creator using remote controls to move technology forward. 

A young man called James Whomsley just broke a world speed record with his homemade remote-controlled car

Whomsley beat the old record with his homemade jet-powered remote-controlled car ‘Project Air’, clocking a speed of 152.50 km/h (94.76 mph). 

And remember the tech guru who built his very own remote-controlled KITT from Knight Rider?

Companies are also jumping on board the RC train. 

British start-up Imperium Drive is car rental service that will actually deliver your car to you via remote control

A worker at the company’s head office drives the car via remote control, then you take over control when you need the car. 

There’s definitely room for error, but these crazy inventors are charging full steam ahead. 



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