ELegend EL1: The Audi Quattro is reborn as an 816hp electric beast

Published on Jul 25, 2022 at 1:00 PM (UTC+4)
by Patrick Jackson

Last updated on Aug 12, 2022 at 3:43 PM (UTC+4)
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ELegend EL1: The Audi Quattro is reborn as an 816hp electric beast

The Audi Sport Quattro is one of the most legendary rally cars ever, and now ELegend is looking to recapture its magic with the EL1.

The German start-up has revealed the first physical model of the electric supercar ahead of it entering production this year.

Just 30 examples will be made, each hand-built in Bavaria at a price of $907,460 (€890,000) each.

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ELegend is billing the EL1 as a “new, electric supercar” rather than a “retro” homage.

It’s clear there’s a lot of influence from the Quattro, but the company has undoubtedly put a unique spin on it.

It sits low and wide with massively flared wheel arches.

Its height of just 1270mm and length of only 4155mm is clearly offset by its wide stance of 1910mm across.

And its 19-inch front wheels and 20-inch rears give it a purposeful look.


A big rectangular strip of lighting covers the entire rear, mimicking the boxy back of the Audi.

At the front, it looks familiar yet different with its recessed lights and that big color-matched bar in the middle of the grille.

While fully electric and packing a 90kWh battery back, ELegend claims the EL1 will weigh 1680kg – not very impressive for an EV.

Its low weight comes courtesy of being built around a carbon fiber chassis.

The big battery powers three electric motors – one front and two rear – which give it a combined 816hp (600kW) and 1600Nm of torque.

ELegend says it’ll launch from 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in a mere 2.8 seconds.

It should also offer 425km (264mi) of range, and have enough storage space for two sets of golf clubs.

Who said electric supercars couldn’t be practical?

ELegend is planning to put the EL1 into production by the end of 2022.

The company also has plans for two other rally icon-inspired models, which it claims will see the light of day thanks to a recent capital increase.


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