The next Embraer jet will be powered by hydrogen

Just like automakers, big players in the aviation industry are trying to phase out fossil fuel-based engines.

by | Published on 7th Dec 2022

Just like automakers, big players in the aviation industry are trying to phase out fossil fuel-based engines.

Embraer says its next jet is going to be powered by hydrogen.

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Embraer officially calls the new hydrogen jet ‘Energia’, and the company is currently working on two models.

They’re both reasonably small and are both designed for regional travel.

The smaller one will have 19 seats, while the larger one will be able to accommodate 30 passengers.


The project is ambitious because the new jets must be capable of withstanding temperatures of -60 degrees Celsius (-76° F).

Embraer also needs to make sure they can fly at 30,000 feet for hours without breaking down.

This is the biggest challenge.

And it probably explains why the company says the hydrogen-electric aircraft will only be in service by 2035.

From a technical standpoint, both aircraft will be rear-engined, like a Porsche 911.

And the hydrogen fuel cells will be protected by longer wings, which will also be used to dissipate the heat that comes from the fuel cells.

Like other aircraft manufacturers, Embraer is focusing on short-haul airliners as demand for regional air travel keeps rising.

The company says it is mostly focusing on aircraft with 200 miles of range.

However, the company’s VP says “fuel cell engines may be able to power a 100-passenger aircraft with a 1,000-mile range in the future”.

We’re certainly looking forward to it.

About Embraer

Embraer is one of the largest aerospace manufacturers in the world.

Based out of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the company makes everything from business jets to military aircraft.

It even makes cropdusters and pipers.

The company delivered 141 aircraft in 2021 alone.



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