Footage shows Emirates pilot expertly landing plane during UAE’s largest thunderstorm

He used every inch of the runway.
  • If you’re a nervous flyer, look away now
  • Footage of an Emirates pilot navigating a huge thunderstorm above Dubai makes for pretty intense viewing
  • It’s a reminder of the skill of both the pilot and air traffic control on the ground

Published on Apr 18, 2024 at 6:25PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on May 9, 2024 at 6:39PM (UTC+4)

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This footage of an Emirates pilot navigating a huge thunderstorm in the UAE to land the plane safely is nail-biting stuff.

The footage is a reminder of the skill of both the pilot and air traffic control on the ground – as well as the incredible aviation tech we take for granted today.

Emirates flight EK052 from Germany to Dubai was delayed in an extra 45-minute holding pattern on Tuesday 16 April.

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The landing Airbus A380 makes for pretty impressive viewing as we watch passenger footage captured on an external camera and displayed on the screen in front of them.

While slight turbulence can be seen – it’s a surprisingly smooth ride considering the weather outside.

And, aside from miraculous landings, we’ve recently seen how awe-inspiring a take-off for the Airbus A380 can be.

This footage was captured and posted to Instagram by tech content creator and software developer Ahmad Abu Jamil, and it has amassed 95K likes since it was posted two days ago.

“The pilot used every single meter of the runway due to high water levels on it,” read his caption.

Water on the runway can be an issue for aircraft.

Per Simple Flying, it can ‘significantly reduce the friction between the aircraft’s tires and the surface’.

“This can lead to decreased braking effectiveness, reduced tire grip, and an increased risk of hydroplaning,” they said.

Reports came in earlier this week that Dubai had been affected by major thunderstorms.

Freak weather included torrential rain, causing flooding and power cuts in the tourist hotspot.

In a rare move, operations at Dubai International Airport had to be temporarily suspended for 25 minutes.

A total of 21 outbound and 24 inbound flights were canceled and three flights were diverted to other neighboring airports.

This isn’t the only time we’ve seen Dubai we’ve seen Dubai affected by extreme weather.

Last month a stranded school bus was saved by a helpful Toyota FJ Cruiser in a seemingly effortless rescue.

And, in an effort to perfect the climate, this amazing footage shows Dubai’s artificial rain used to balance high temperatures.

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