Ford electric truck can power your house for 10 days

by | Jun 2, 2022 - 1:54PM | EV

Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck powering a house

The new Ford F-150 Lightning, the brand’s first electric truck, has been a runaway success since it first launched.

One of the headlining features of the impressive EV pickup is its ability to actually power your house for up to 10 days.

That’s right – in the case of a power blackout, you can simply plug the Ford all-electric truck into its home charging station and it’ll keep the lights on.

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With the massive 131kWh extended-range battery, the truck can power a whole house constantly for three days by itself.

Combine that with the power from a solar system, or by rationing it, and you’ll manage up to 10 days off the grid.

Better yet, if the truck is already plugged in, you won’t notice there’s even been a blackout.

That’s because it’ll automatically switch to powering the house itself, before returning to the grid once power is restored.


The fact the Ford electric truck can act as a giant powerbank is also ideal for other purposes as well.

Going camping?

You can plug in everything; from lights to an electric heater or stove. Maybe even a PlayStation like Tom in Parks and Recreation…

With no engine under the hood, you can store all your camping gear in there as well with 399 liters (14.1 cu.ft.) of space.

You can also connect power tools if you work in construction, meaning there’s no need to fire up a noisy generator on the worksite.

It’s this level of practicality that makes us excited for the Ford F-150 Lightning and its chief rival the Tesla Cybertruck.

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What’s the cost of the Ford electric truck?

Prices for the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning start at $39,974 for the base Pro model. US pricing for the full range is as follows:

  • Pro: $39,974
  • XLT: $52,974
  • Lariat: $67,474
  • Platinum: $90,874

The range-topping Platinum is expensive but does offer 563hp (420kW) of power and up to 483km (300mi) driving range on a single charge.

How long does it take to charge the new F-150 electric truck?

Using a 50kW Level 3 charging station, the standard-range battery will charge in 91 minutes, while the extended-range will take 122 minutes.

However, if you can find a 150kW charger, it will slash that to just 44 and 41 minutes respectively.

You can see a full breakdown of charging times below:

Ford F-150 Lightning Charge TimesStandard-Range BatteryExtended-Range Battery
Level 3 150kW (15-80%)44 minutes41 minutes
Level 3 50kW (15-80%)91 minutes122 minutes
Level 2 8A Ford Charge Station Pro (15-100%)10 hours8 hours
48A Connected Charge Station (15-100%)10 hours13 hours
32A Mobile Charger (15-100%)14 hours19 hours

When can you buy a Ford electric truck?

The Ford F-150 Lightning is on sale now, but it’s sold out for the entire 2022 model year.

If you place an order now, you may not even get a 2023 model.

Kelley Blue Book notes there’s a three-year backlog for F-150 Lightning orders, so fingers crossed for if you can get one by 2024.



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