You can stay overnight in an ex-military helicopter on Airbnb

This ex-military helicopter is a proper Airbnb now - it even has a nice outdoor patio and a lounge.

by | Published on 28th Jul 2023

An ex-military helicopter-turned-Airbnb rental could be your next night away from home.

Airbnb is the go-to when booking holiday accommodation, and if you’re lucky you can find some pretty unique stays.

But we don’t think it gets any more rare than staying in a converted ex-military helicopter!

A1982 Westland Lynx XZ676 has undergone a spectacular renovation to become the latest in bizarre tiny homes.

ex-military helicopter turned Airbnb

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No longer a multi-purpose twin-engined military helicopter, the vehicle has been gutted from the inside to provide everything you could possibly need for a night away in the countryside (with a twist).

The Westland Lynx has found a home on the outskirts of Blackpool and enthusiasts can rent the extraordinary unit for as little as £110 a night.

Before retiring and becoming one of Lancashire’s hottest new accommodation spots, the chopper lived quite the life in the British Army.

Ream Hill Holiday Park claims that it has “has flown in places such as Kosovo and the Gulf War”.

Photos in the Airbnb listing show the helicopter permanently parked in front of a backdrop of trees and even has a wooden porch attached to its industrial door.

The cabin has been converted into a lounge/dining area, which includes everything from a sofa to a mini-fridge to a kitchen sink.

Guests can even watch TV on a monitor placed in front of the cockpit windows.

The Lynx’s tail has become a cosy sleeping quarter which can fit up to 2 adults, the living space can be adapted into a second bedroom which has just enough room for two kids – so it can be a trip for the whole family.

Westland Lynx aircrafts have famously served the British Army, Royal Navy and German Navy and can go up to 249 miles per hour, but the XZ676 can be all yours for the night.



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