Family constantly on the move use a Vision Jet instead of a minivan to get around

Consider it a minivan in the sky.

  • This family uses a Cirrus Vision Jet to get them from A to B
  • He compared it to a minivan
  • Commenters were somewhat frustrated by the comparison, however


Published on Feb 28, 2024 at 8:43PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Mar 1, 2024 at 1:29PM (UTC+4)

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If you’re ever stuck in traffic during the school run you might be interested to hear for this family chose a Vision Jet over a minivan to get the seven of them for A to B.

Bryce Angell is a US-based pilot and aviation enthusiast and injury attorney at The Angell Law Firm.

He took to Instagram to share how he and family chose air travel over the roads to get around.

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They fly in a Cirrus Vision Jet, which according to Angell is single-pilot approved and “super easy to fly”.

“It even has a built-in emergency parachute system,” he says.

And they don’t travel light – with the entire family, plus bags aboard, they also carry 300 gallons of JET A-1 fuel.

The plane has a range of about 1,000 nautical miles – enough to get them from Atlanta to Denver or from Atlanta to Turks & Caicos – pretty impressive.

The Cirrus Vision Jet cruises at roughly 563 km/h (350 mph) at an altitude of roughly 31,000 ft.

“For all intents and purposes this is our minivan in the sky,” said Angell.

And with flying cars on the horizon for multiple countries this year – it seems this soon could become a reality for more of us.

Especially with automated parking systems facing issues – a lot of people had the same opinion after seeing footage of futuristic robot car park.

In a similar method of using air travel on the daily, this Canadian student saves money by getting to his studies by airplane to avoid rent.

Some in the comment section were irked by Angell’s video.

“Rich people acting like it’s totally normal to have a $2million aircraft instead of a minivan,” one said.

“Thank god we have paper straws to offset their pollution,” said a second.

“Thanks man. I’ve been on the fence about this and the new Kia carnival, but I’m pretty sure you just sold me,” quipped a third.

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