Ferrari 812 Competizione is a beast on wheels with sleek luxury design

Too fast to handle?
  • The Ferrari 812 Competizione is nothing short of an engineering marvel
  • It packs a naturally aspirated V12 engine
  • The 812 Competizione will be Ferrari’s final car with this engine

Published on Apr 14, 2024 at 10:41AM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 15, 2024 at 6:59PM (UTC+4)

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We all know how capable Ferrari’s supercars are — but the Ferrari 812 Competizione holds a special place.

It’s not just a testament to extreme performance and luxury, but also holds a long-lasting legacy.

From the outside, you might think it is just a buffed-up Ferrari 812 Superfast.

Well, that’s true, but certainly not all that it is.

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The Ferrari 812 Competizione is a beast on wheels while maintaining a stealthy luxury design — perfect for a diverse car collection.

While the 812 Superfast is already a fan favorite, the Ferrari 812 Competizione offers its drivers every last bit of performance out of the V12 engine.

And if you didn’t know, that engine holds a special place in most car lovers’ hearts.

Even F1 star Charles Leclerc has an 812 Competizione in his personal collection.

Speaking of the 812 Superfast, its engine produces a massive 789 bhp.

However, that number isn’t the limit of the extremely capable V12.

On the other hand, the 812 Competizione can pump out 819 bhp.

Now, that’s quite something.

All that power, while being a naturally aspirated engine.

No turbos, just raw power out of the V12.

The automaker has heavily tweaked the Superfast’s engine to create the beautiful machine we know now — the Ferrari 812 Competizione.

You would expect a supercar that fast to not really care about comfort and luxury.

However, that’s not true.

If you take a moment and look at the 812 Competizione, you will see why it’s such a looker.

The entire exterior only screams one thing — elegance.

It looks like a car you take on a road trip when you need a break from everything else.

And, of course, push it to its limits.

Either that or you park the Ferrari in your living room.

Unfortunately, the Ferrari 812 Competizione will be the automaker’s last production car carrying the infamous V12’s legacy.

The brand in red is on track to replace the naturally aspirated V12 with a new hybrid engine for its upcoming car.

It’s safe to say the 812 Competizione will be the final increment of the V12, which launched back in 2012.

When the entire world is all-electric a few years from now, it will be a joy to look back on this one.

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