These are the celebrities blacklisted by Ferrari and the bizarre reasons why

From well-known rappers to Justin Bieber, these celebrities have earned themselves a Ferrari ban for the most bizarre reasons.

by | Published on 6th Mar 2023

Did you know there’s a rapper who earned himself a Ferrari ban because of an Instagram post?

And did you know there’s one color in particular that Ferrari simply will not use.

From well-known rappers to Justin Bieber, these are the celebrities banned by the supercar maker and the crazy reasons why.

#1. Why did Ferrari blacklist Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber painted his Ferrari 458 Italia blue and changed the badge.

He then bragged (in an Instagram story) about having forgotten where he’d parked his car.

And then he auctioned the car.

Ferrari eventually decided they’d had enough and banned him.

#2. What does a Ferrari 'ban' actually entail?

There’s no exact definition.

Generally speaking, blacklisted customers can’t buy new or special-edition Ferraris.

But this may vary, the ban may also extend to other models, and it may be lifted after a period of time.

Or not.

#3. What famous DJ got banned for doing this to his Ferrari?

DeadMau5 got banned for doing this to his Ferrari 488 GTB.

His car is basically a compilation of things that will 100 percent get you blacklisted.

From the gif-style image on the side to the custom paint with matching Ferrari badge.

#4. What color is officially off-limits for Ferrari?

Ferrari won’t paint your car pink.

Obviously, you can always buy a Ferrari and paint it pink yourself but this, alas, might get you banned.

#5. When and where does Ferrari's no-resale clause apply?

Ferrari may include a “right of first refusal on resale” clause in the contract.

It has no time limit, it applies at their discretion and it is based on “fair market value”.

In other words, they don’t want customers to buy the car and flip it for a profit six months later.

#6. Which rapper was banned for sharing this Instagram photo?

50 Cent was banned after sharing this picture of his Ferrari on insta.

The car had a flat battery and the rapper said: “I don’t think I want this 488 Ferrari no more.”

Well, in a way, Ferrari obliged.



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