13-year-old boy becomes the first human to ever complete Tetris

  • 34 years after it dropped on NES, the first person has been able to complete Tetris
  • 13-year-old YouTuber, Blue Scuti, broke the record
  • It took him 38 minutes to reach the infamous kill screen

Published on Jan 04, 2024 at 5:30 PM (UTC+4)
by Amelia Jean Hershman-Jones

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13-year-old boy becomes the first human to ever complete Tetris

It might have dropped 21 years before he was born, but 13-year-old YouTuber, Blue Scuti, is said to be the first person ever to complete Tetris and reach its infamous kill screen.

The teen posted a video to his YouTube account on 2 January.

And 2024 already looks set to be a big year for gaming, with Netflix dropping three classic GTA games in December, and the new PS5 launching at the end of last year.

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Gamers will have to wait until 2025, however, for GTA 6 – despite the exact drop date still a matter of speculation.

Blue Scuti, aka Willis Gibson, was doing a livestream when he defeated the popular gaming puzzle.

He’s the only human known to have completed Tetris in its 34-year history.

The record was previously held by an AI robot, per 404 Media.

According to the video he posted, it took Blue Scuti about 38 minutes to realise he was close to completing it.

“I missed it,” he said in the footage.

“Oh, my God,” he says as he continues to play.

“Please crash.”

After completing a line the game suddenly freezes.

“Oh, my God! Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Yes,” he says.

“I’m going to pass out. I can’t feel my fingers. I can’t feel my hands.”

Blue Scuti was the first person to beat the game on the original Nintendo Entertainment System, per reports.

Other world records he broke include overall score, level achieved, and total number of lines.

Nintendo of America released a statement saying it had “nothing to announce on this topic.”

The Tetris prodigy told streamer, ITZsharky1, that he had previously gotten close to beating it.

However, he claims he struggled “when the nerves started kicking in after 30 minutes.”

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