First Lamborghini 63 speedboat in North America hits the water

Inspired by supercars, this yacht has an Aventador steering wheel and Huracán-style seats.
  • The Lamborghini 63 yacht has officially pulled up in Miami
  • The boat takes inspiration from iconic supercars
  • One of these limited edition yachts will cost you $3.5 million

Published on Nov 21, 2023 at 5:32PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Nov 28, 2023 at 2:49PM (UTC+4)

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First Lamborghini 63 speedboat in North America hits the water

The Lamborghini 63 yacht has officially pulled up in Miami.

The speed boat is a collaboration between the luxury car manufacturer and yacht maker Tecnomar.

The boat takes inspiration from Lamborghini’s most iconic models, both in style and performance.

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The Italian Sea Group just delivered the Lamborghini 63 to Prestige Marine in Miami.

The yacht gets its name from its length in feet and it’s also a reference to the Lamborghini Raging Bull which was released in 1963.

Plus only 63 of these yachts will be released.

Elements of iconic Lamborghini models are woven throughout this luxurious yacht’s design.

Its silhouette and sleek lines are reminiscent of the Sián FKP 37 hybrid supercar.

The influence of the Huracán is evident in the helm seat, which is crafted in leather in the same style as the Evo’s seats.

At the helm, the steering wheel and display panel look like the interior of an Aventador.

And because it wouldn’t be a Lambo without multiple driving modes, captains can choose between Corsa or Race mode.

The yacht also features Y-shaped features and hexagonal patterns throughout, in classic Lamborghini fashion.

Its exterior is unique, almost looking like a supercar on the waves with headlights on the bow and a sporty silhouette.

The hard top is inspired by the company’s roadster models.

This both makes the boat more aerodynamic and offers protection from the elements.

A pair of MAN V12 diesel engines power the Lamborghini 63, each producing 2,000 hp.

With a top speed of 63 knots and a cruising speed of 45 knots, this is one of the fastest 63-foot yachts out there.

Its range is 360 nautical miles, using about 100 gallons of fuel an hour.

Conor McGregor reportedly received one of the first deliveries of this yacht.

Besides its design, the Lamborghini 63’s price tag has also been influenced by supercars.

One of these limited edition boats will cost you $3.5 million.

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