Lauren Sánchez reveals who the goddess-like figurehead on top of Bezos’ $500m yacht actually is

Following six months of speculation, she confirmed it's not her.
  • Speculation has swirled for six months
  • She has finally cleared up who the goddess-like figure is depicting
  • It sits on fiancé Jeff Bezos’ $500 million megayacht, Koru

Published on Nov 15, 2023 at 3:43PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Nov 17, 2023 at 2:54PM (UTC+4)

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It was speculated the figurehead was a tribute to Lauren Sánchez

Lauren Sánchez has confirmed that the goddess-like figurehead on Jeff Bezos’ $500 million yacht is not a depiction of her.

Fiancée of centibillionaire, Jeff Bezos, it’s been speculated for months that the figure on the $500 million Koru schooner is a tribute to her.

Their proposal aboard the 417-feet (127-m) Oceanco megayacht sparked headlines.

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Then, its amazing features and the couples’ Mediterranean cruise kept that fire burning.

However, the carved wooden sculpture depicting a goddess remained a mystery.

Many made the leap that it was Bezos way of immortalising his wife-to-be on the world’s second-largest sailing yacht.

However, the December 2023 issue of Vogue saw Lauren Sánchez debunk that romantic fallacy entirely.

“I’m very flattered, but it’s not,” Sánchez said during her Vogue cover-feature interview.

Apparently, the sculpture on the prow is a mythological figure that speaks to Bezos.

It depicts Freyja, the Norse goddess of love, fertility, war, and – of course – gold.

While the co-founder of Amazon didn’t immortalise his fiancée on Koru, the almost 20-carat pink diamond ring is pretty romantic.

In other Koru news, Bezos recently bought a $75m ‘shadow boat’.

The smaller boat accompanies his ‘megayacht’ as a floating garage as it can’t easily navigate near small ports and quays.

She is called ‘Abeona’ and was built by Damen Yachting in the Netherlands.

This yacht is designed specifically to provide support for larger yachts.

Even though it’s a shadow yacht, Abeona is still larger than most yachts.

To give you an idea of scale, she measures 75 meters – or 246 feet.

Abeona can carry provisions and supplies and accommodate up to 65 people, 45 passengers and 20 crew, including medical personnel.

In car terms, this is sort of like buying a Ferrari so you can drive to the garage where your Pagani is parked.

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