295-foot-long concept megayacht has a multi-million dollar surprise

It was designed by the shipyard that built Jeff Bezos’ megayacht.

Published on Oct 23, 2023 at 6:23PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Oct 25, 2023 at 4:36PM (UTC+4)

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Moonstone yacht by Oceano

This 295-foot (90m) long megayacht concept is hiding a big surprise just above the water level – and you’ve never seen anything like it.

It was designed by the shipyard that built Jeff Bezos’ megayacht, Koru.

The Moonstone yacht concept comes from Van Geest Design and world-renowned shipbuilder, Oceanco.


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Based on Oceanco’s 90-meter platform, it has all the usual perks of a billionaire’s superyacht.

The layout includes space for a private deck for the owner as well as a gym, spa, cinema, pool, jacuzzi and a helicopter pad.

Performance-wise, if built the Moonstone motor yacht would have a twin MTU 20V4000 M73L engine setup.

In addition, it would have long-range cruising potential.

Its projected top speed is 18.5 knots.

A PYC classification allows the ship to host more than 12 guests.

So far so superyacht – but megayachts now need an extra quirk to impress the super rich.

And this megayacht has a little surprise.

The thing that blows other ships out of the water is the megayacht’s dazzling LED display.

It draws inspiration from the entire light spectrum mimicking a serene sunset, dazzling starlight, or a striking cityscape.

Six hundred individually dimmable light panels and 70sqm of solar panels capture everything from constellations to cityscapes.

Triangular, sparkling facets frame the rounded hull to create contrasting surfaces.

The sturdy panels are shock and impact-resistant to withstand harsh seawater and weather conditions.

The both smart and shimmering exterior was developed in collaboration with Temeloy Advanced Lighting Design.

“The idea is that it is synchronized with a fish-eye lens camera.

“It can capture the color temperature of the sunset or a sunrise and program them directly into the lights,” Tiphaine Treins, founder and CEO of Temeloy Advanced Lighting Design, said.

This allows Moonstone to reflect the waves and blend in with the scenery surrounding it, blurring the line between the sea and the sky.

The breathtaking light show is controlled by the user’s mobile phone to match their surroundings or their mood.

“It will be incredible because the owner will have the possibility to have a new boat every day,” Treins added.

The approximate price of the concept is undisclosed, but Van Geest Design has two potential buyers.

Oceanco estimates the Megayacht would take approximately three years for the vessel to be built at their Netherlands base.

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