Japanese designer creates a ship that looks like a zip

And the zip fastener ship isn't vaporware, it's a real boat and you can use it to 'open up' rivers.

by | Published on 14th Jun 2023

A Japanese designer has come up with the weirdest-looking ship you’ll ever see.

It was created for a design contest and in addition to the crazy shape, it also has a long and complicated name.

It’s called the Opening The River, Zip Fastener Ship.

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As you can see, the ship is literally shaped like a zip fastener, the sort of thing we use to zip up our jackets or pants.

It looks unlike any other vessel in the world.

What makes this quirky project even crazier is it actually works.

You can’t sail it like a normal boat, but you can use it as a radio-controlled model.

And because it has a proper deck, you can do it from inside the ship.

This means that these pictures aren’t renders, the ship was actually photographed ‘opening up’ the Sumida River, the main river that flows through the Japanese capital Tokyo.

This, by the way, is actually the whole point of the project.

Yasuhiro Suzuki, the man who designed the ship, wanted to make it look like the ship could ‘open up’ the water.

The boat is actually quite sophisticated.

It is made from a blend of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, ethanol-based compound, foam, and recycled fishing nets

It isn’t small, either.

It’s more than 10 meters long and three meters wide.

This isn’t the first time we come across ships and yachts with crazy shapes.

Not that long ago, Bugatti unveiled a speedboat that looks like a supercar on water.

And then of course there’s Saudi Arabia’s turtle-shaped megayacht.



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