Boeing 727 rescued from aircraft graveyard and transformed into stunning Airbnb

It looks like a jet from the 1950s
  • The fuselage of a Boeing 727 was converted into an Airbnb
  • The Airbnb is designed for people ‘who want to live like billionaires in the 1920s’
  • It has two bedrooms and three bathrooms

Published on Apr 30, 2024 at 12:20PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 30, 2024 at 12:21PM (UTC+4)

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Boeing 727 turned Airbnb 'Pytchair'

A man in the UK has salvaged a Boeing 727, restored it, and turned it into an Airbnb.

It looks tremendous, and while not cheap, it is probably less expensive than one might assume.

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This type of holiday home solution is becoming quite popular, and we’ve seen it before on a few occasions.

Boeing is the go-to aircraft when it comes to this sort of thing, chiefly, we suspect, because there are graveyards full of dead Boeing jets.

This gorgeous five-star Airbnb in Bali, possibly the most famous example of a jet turned into a holiday home, is also a Boeing.

Ex-military aircraft are also surprisingly popular.

British-Australian businessman Johnny Palmer opted for a lesser-known model, the Boeing 727.

He found it in a graveyard, had it transported to Bristol, and turned it into a 70s-style Airbnb with two bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The jet now comes with – as per the Airbnb description – ‘walnut paneling, gold details and crystals’, and can be rented by anyone who ‘wants to live like a billionaire in the 1920s’.

The owner didn’t disclose the exact amount he had to spend, but he said it was ‘thousands’, and that’s on top of the cost of the jet itself.

To be honest, this doesn’t surprise us.

The lighting, sound, and plumbing needed work, and that’s before we get to the cost of the furniture and, of course, bureaucracy.

We can only imagine the number of forms he had to sign and the fees he had to pay.

Even so, renting the Boeing/Airbnb is not as expensive as one might think.

Dubbed PYTCHAir, the Airbnb starts at £350 per night – or roughly $430.

That’s not what you’d call cheap but, with the prices of Airbnbs and holiday homes constantly rising, it’s not too bad either.

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