What if the Apple Car only got scrapped because an iJet was being developed?

It's an amazing idea...that'll probably never happen
  • We asked AI to design the Apple iJet
  • An ideal Apple jet would be minimalistic and elegant
  • It would also seamlessly integrate into the Apple ecosystem

Published on Apr 29, 2024 at 8:29PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 29, 2024 at 8:29PM (UTC+4)

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Apple iJet

Apple is a tech giant, there’s no doubt about that, but it is also a design company.

Through the years, Apple has crafted a design language that can be easily recognized across broadly different products.

So we asked ourselves, what if Apple designed jets?

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Apple spent about 10 years and billions of dollars developing a car and filing automotive-related patents.

And then at some point, earlier this year, they decided to can the project.

But what if they scrapped the project to focus on a new jet, potentially called iJet?

This is of course 100 percent speculation.

But we thought it’d be fun to envision a potential Apple iJet and so we asked AI to design one.

The Apple iJet would probably feature a streamlined and minimalistic fuselage, rigorously finished in white.

The interior would also be white, which is clearly Apple’s flagship color.

Apple being Apple, we’d naturally imagine it’d be easy to pair the iJet to our iPhone. 

Here’s a practical example.

You’re walking to the jet while listening to your favorite Apple Music playlist on your iPhone, using your AirPods, but as you approach the jet, the iPhone would ask if you’d like ‘to switch to iJet’.

If you tap ‘yes’, the music you were listening to with your earbuds would then be played through the speakers of the iJet.

This is of course just in our imagination.

After the Vision Pro, the next Apple product will probably have something to do with AI, but it definitely won’t be a jet.

There’s no such thing as an iJet, and it’s not even on the cards.

It’s a shame, though.

It’d probably be tremendous.

All images used for this story are mockups created using AI

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