Florida man built a jet-powered fire-truck-monster-truck mutant

  • Florida man built the most outrageous fire truck
  • It’s now a monster truck with a jet engine
  • It’s great for rides and can seat 18 passengers

Published on Jun 25, 2024 at 3:36 PM (UTC+4)
by Siddharth Dudeja

Last updated on Jun 26, 2024 at 3:49 PM (UTC+4)
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On today’s episode of ‘Florida Man Does Weird Things,’ we have a fire truck turned into a monster truck with a jet engine — a very subtle modification, right?

It’s aptly called the ‘Fire Chief’ and spits out fire from its rear while sitting on 66-inch tires.

The owner is apparently based in Sebring, Flordia, and is now giving a ‘lucky’ buyer a chance to own this monstrosity of a vehicle.

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Florida man wants to sell the fire truck

This jet monster ride fire truck seems to be a common sighting for residents in Sebring, and the Florida man has been taking it to public events for the audience to enjoy.

Its open rear bed can accommodate 18 passengers, and the best part is that all seats have seatbelts.

There are retractable ladders so everyone can easily ‘board’ the vehicle and have fun on the ride, albeit a short one.

As per the Facebook Marketplace listing discovered by The Drive, the base vehicle is a Seagrave Open Cab Fire Truck from the 1950s.

Who knew a fire truck would be so relevant today?

Well, a jet engine can revive almost anything, and this monster truck is no exception.

It’s not the first jet-powered truck we have seen, but it surely stands out.

The jet engine in question today is a Westinghouse J34 turbojet engine, and it certainly adds a lot of appeal to the truck.

These were used by the US Air Force back in the 1940s and produced around 3,000 pounds of thrust.

From powering military aircraft to being praised while sitting on a monster truck, this J34 sure has seen a lot.

The most ‘happening’ modifications for any fire truck

Further, the fire truck goes to several public events, and by several, we mean a lot.

The owner has a YouTube channel with more than 100 videos showcasing this mutation.

Monster truck enthusiasts, and mostly kids, get to ride a fire truck sitting high above the ground.

The 66-inch Tera tires make this fire truck a monster truck, and they’re outrageous, to say the least.

It gets its ‘regular’ power from a 336 Chevrolet V8 engine, which ‘runs great’ for everyday rides.

We don’t know how economical it would be for the Florida man to go to the grocery store in this truck, but he likely has fun doing it.

According to the Florida Man, customers who get to ride the truck love it because the riders face each other when seated, just like in a subway train.

That’s not a fair comparison, but you get the idea.

Despite the listing being a year old, it seems the truck still hasn’t found a new owner.

So you still have a chance to consider probably the most outrageous potential purchase of your life.

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