Shaq attended car show in customized armored truck fit for apocalypse

The truck was customized by Traffic Jams Motorsports for the NBA legend
  • Shaquille O’Neal recently attended a car show in Henry County, Georgia
  • Shaq turned up to the event in his own customized armored truck
  • The truck, fit for an apocalypse, is a Ram 1500 TRX under the skin

Published on Apr 29, 2024 at 5:38PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 30, 2024 at 5:58PM (UTC+4)

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Shaq attended car show in customized armored truck fit for apocalypse

If your name is Shaq, there’s no such thing as too big, too much or too expensive.

If the truth be told, too big, too much, or too expensive is the NBA legend’s criteria when it comes to choosing his cars.

The former basketball player recently attended a car show and drove there in his customized armored truck, which just so happens to tick all those aforementioned boxes.

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Shaq made an appearance at the annual car show held at the Salem Avenue Baptist Church in Henry County, Georgia.

In all fairness – and this was to be expected – he got more attention than any car at the show.

Turning up in his armored truck – a Ram 1500 TRX disguised as a vehicle ready for the apocalypse – it’s fair to say he stole the show.

With a prize fund of $5,000 up for grabs, fortunately for the other attendees, Shaq wasn’t competing with his monster truck.

Apparently, the vehicle was customized by Traffic Jams Motorsports.

The Atlanta-based firm, which serves as a dealership, is also a car customization shop, with vehicles like the monster truck owned by Shaq as their specialty.

It’s likely to have cost a pretty penny, but when you’re worth in excess of $400 million, it’s fair to say you can buy what you want.

And that’s exactly what Shaq has done, splashing $27 million on a new private jet.

That’s pretty much the going rate for a private plane, but Shaq likes to spend big on cars, too, having spent seven figures in just one day.

But with his Apocalypse TRX, the former Lakers player has a vehicle big enough to fit his big personality.

Every single panel of the truck has been replaced with armored ones and painted in Kevlar.

It makes it impossibly hard to guess what’s underneath the skin, with the truck also riding on a massive set of aftermarket wheels wrapped in chunky tires.

As for power, there’s no mention of that, but what we do know is that Traffic Jams Motorsports don’t shy away from the engine bay, so it’s almost definitely got some extra oomph.

Traffic Jams even posted a video of Shaq arriving at the car and when he left the event, during which he was carefully watched by officers from the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, who also cleared the way for him when it was time to leave.

He’s even got the police on his side.

To be fair, you’d have to be feeling brave to try anything with Shaq.

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