This Ford Bronco has been transformed into a 6×6 BEAST

One of the world’s most beloved trucks just got an apocalyptic upgrade. 

Published on Aug 9, 2022 at 5:49PM (UTC+4)

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This Ford Bronco has been transformed into a 6x6 BEAST

One of the world’s most beloved trucks just got an apocalyptic upgrade. 

This is the 6×6 Ford Bronco by Apocalypse and it’s one of the most fierce-looking vehicles on the road.

Called the Dark Horse, it’s a beast – measuring a whopping 5.7 meters long.

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Apocalypse told supercarblondie.com the Bronco was covered in black Kevlar armored coating. 

They said while it wasn’t bulletproof, it could deflect any projectile coming its way while off-roading.


Apocalypse, a US company known for creating six-wheel drive trucks, has also given it fully removable doors, steel sidesteps, and a custom slant back top. 

The Bronco’s roof was also discarded in favor of a custom-made fiberglass hardtop. 

And just like the doors, the roof is removable.

The back of the Bronco was also cut off to make room for a five-foot-long fully functional bed. 

Owner, engineer and head designer Joseph Ghattas described the Bronco as “a nostalgic bring back from Ford”. 

“As soon as we were able to get our hands on one, we knew exactly what we had to do,” he said. 


Ford Bronco 6×6 interior

The interior has also been decked out in what the tuning company calls ‘Cowboy Saddle’.

And to say it stands out is an understatement. 

The upholstery is finished in plush and durable marine grade leather. 

It’s not only stylish, but functional too as Apocalypse made it weatherproof.

This means that even when the doors are off and the roof is down, it’s completely resistant to sun, snow, and rain.

Ford Bronco 6×6

The super truck not only looks the part, it’s powerful too. 

The Dark Horse started life as a four-door, four-wheel Ford Bronco with a factory turbocharged V6 engine. 

That all changed when the team at Apocalypse got their hands on it. 

As well as making it look the part, Apocalypse tuned the motor and gave it a full exhaust upgrade. 

It now churns out 400 horsepower. 

The 6×6 was also given 37-inch Patagonia tires, and 20-inch alloy rims.

And, in one of the most clever tweaks, the emblem was given six legs instead of four.

Ghattas said the Dark Horse “came out better than we could ever have dreamed”. 

Even with all the upgrades, he said it was important to still keep “a huge chunk of its Bronco identity”.


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