This Ford EV van looks like a regular Transit but hides an unexpected secret inside

A luxury home on wheels.
  • Automaker Bailey of Bristol revealed the Endeavour EV campervan
  • It’s based on the Ford E-Transit EV
  • The motorhome has three beds, a lounge, and a kitchen

Published on Mar 22, 2024 at 8:41PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Mar 25, 2024 at 5:42PM (UTC+4)

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A UK-based automaker unveiled the Endeavour EV, a camper van based on a Ford EV that is nothing short of a luxury motorhome.

The camper van boasts a total of three beds, a fully functional kitchen, a TV, and a touchscreen command center.

Bailey of Bristol, the mastermind behind the Endeavour EV, unveiled the vehicle at the Motorhome and Caravan Show in Birmingham.

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Likewise, the automaker released a concept for the same motorhome a while back, but this was the first time people got to see it in person.

Oh, and there’s also an office and lounge hybrid area.

Camper vans and RVs are trendy these days, and more and more luxury RVs and vans are emerging.

Bailey of Bristol has experience in creating recreational vehicles like caravans and motorhomes.

However, the Endeavour EV is an attractive launch.

If you want to buy one, there are two options to choose from – two-sleeper and four-sleeper variants.

You won’t miss home if you take it on a road trip; it has everything you could want.

There’s a dining that can also be used as an office setup if you want to work on your vacation.

For leisure, you get two beds and a retractable TV.

The entire van is filled with smart home tech powered by Amazon Alexa.

Seems tempting, right?

Bailey of Bristol built the Endeavour EV around a Ford E-Transit EV.

Despite the extreme modifications, the van can pull off a range of 108 miles (174 km).

EVs are the next big thing, and several companies are shifting their portfolio to add more EVs.

Bailey of Bristol is headed towards a sustainable approach and does not rely on fossil fuel-based energy.

“This vehicle has been developed very much with sustainability in mind with all services and appliances used in the Endeavour EV are being fully electric, meaning no fossil fuels are required to power the motorhome when in use,” the automaker said.

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