New XPeng brand will offer AI-powered EVs at affordable price

These low price tags are a first for EVs.
  • Leading Chinese EV maker XPeng is revolutionizing the EV market with the recent announcement of a new subbrand
  • This will focus on producing affordable EVs equipped with smart driving capabilities
  • With prices ranging between $15,000 and $23,000, these vehicles are aimed at younger generations

Published on Mar 22, 2024 at 5:36PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Mar 27, 2024 at 12:59PM (UTC+4)

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XPeng is targeting young consumers with its new affordable range of EVs.

The Chinese company is known for its wild flying vehicles and out-there inventions.

Now it’s launching AI-driven cars that will carry a jaw-droppingly low price tag.

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Chinese EV automaker XPeng was founded in 2014 but has rapidly made waves in the automotive world.

It developed the XPeng X2 – the world’s first flying car, complete with a safety parachute system.

It’s also the brains behind the Cybertruck-esque 6-wheeler Land Aircraft Carrier, featuring space for an eVTOL – electric vertical take-off and landing, since you’ve asked – in its rear.

Unfortunately, such innovation rarely comes cheap, but XPeng is on a mission to change that.

The company recently announced its plans to launch a new EV brand, tailored specifically for younger generations.

This demographic, which counts as 35% of the market, is willing to spend between 100,000 and 150,000 yuan on a vehicle, roughly equivalent to $15,000 to $23,000.

With the average EV in America costing around $50,000, that’s a really competitive price point.

And while more companies are producing EVs in this price range, few are integrating smart driving functions into the cars.

XPeng aims to bridge this gap by offering affordable yet intelligent driving capabilities.

The subbrand has yet to be named but is scheduled to launch in China soon.

“The era of AI-defined mobility is upon us,” the company says.

The automaker will revolutionize the EV market by integrating cutting-edge AI technology into the driving experience.

Aiming to make smart driving a global norm, these cars will feature L2-level-and-above ADAS capabilities.

The company has only shared one, vague image of what we can expect from this subbrand so far.

They will introduce multiple models, however, each varying in smart driving technology levels.

While many brands will try to match this innovation, they’ll have a hard time matching the company’s low prices.

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