Ford F250 gets satisfying wash after 35 years in a barn find

  • WD Detailing found a Ford F250 Custom in a barn find
  • There were several other Corvettes in the same place
  • They managed to restore the pickup truck and make it look new

Published on Jun 24, 2024 at 5:56 PM (UTC+4)
by Siddharth Dudeja

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A barn find is absolutely satisfying to watch because who doesn’t like an age-old abandoned car rotting away to come back to life?

The team at WD Detailing found a 1977 Ford F250 Custom sitting in one place for 35 years and decided to breathe new life into it.

It was a hard task because you know — a pickup truck that didn’t see anything but the inside of a dusty garage for almost four decades might not be worth it.

However, the team didn’t falter, and despite the unholy smell, layers of dust, and whatnot, they restored the Ford F250 back to normal.

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The Ford F250 was 100% abandoned

WD Detailing uploaded the entire discovery and restoration process in a YouTube video, which makes for an interesting watch.

When the team arrived in the garage, they first had to clear a direct path to even walk up to the truck.

Incidentally, it was the same garage where they found a bunch of Chevys, including this 1982 Corvette abandoned for 42 years.

Once they made their way to the truck, all they could see was thick layers of dust, which made it a task even to figure out the F250’s original color.

Unlike a modern-day Ford F250, the older generation had a more ‘raw’ appearance.

One of the guys opened the front door and quickly saw that it had only clocked a little over 17,000 miles.

That’s a great number to sell one of these, provided it runs as it should.

There was a very disturbing smell, too, but once washed, cleaned, and shined, it would look as good as it did on day one.

Moreover, they noticed the truck had several ‘Explorer’ badges, which would make one think of a Ford Explorer.

But — the Ford Explorer is fairly new and obviously launched after this 1977 model, and that’s when this truck’s identity came to light.

Back then, Ford offered an ‘Explorer’ trim in the F-Series pickup trucks, which was basically fancy badges and color schemes.

This truck happens to be one of those trims.

Cars and other vehicles like this Mercedes discovered in barn finds usually hide a lot of information, so it’s only later that most details come to light.

Restoring the pickup truck’s glory

The crew managed to transport the truck after a thorough inspection, and that’s where the fun began.

After the first pressure wash, you get to see its true appearance, and it’s certainly nothing short of beautiful.

There are white stripes on top of a subtle red finish, and all the Explorer badges are now visible.

Who knew a clean truck was hiding underneath all that garnish?

The interior, however, was not as easy to restore.

Most of it was fine, apart from a pile of junk inside the glovebox.

They couldn’t figure what it was, but it took quite the effort to get rid of it — and it’s smell.

Although WD Detailing didn’t even try to turn the engine on, it’s best if they didn’t to avoid further damage.

Considering all possibilities, the 6.6-liter V8 engine might only require ‘routine’ maintenance.

If that’s the case, this Ford F250 could be off-roading with 169 horsepower in no time.

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