Ford waves goodbye to the GT with one last limited-edition model

Ford will make just 20 examples of the GT LM Edition.

by | Published on 6th Oct 2022

Ford is waving goodbye to the GT with a final limited-edition model 

The GT LM Edition will be the last version of the supercar ever made before it goes out of production at the end of 2022. 

And there will be just 20 examples ever made.

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Ford has created the GT LM Edition to celebrate the supercar’s success at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966 and 2016. 

The GT is America’s only Le Mans-winning supercar.


In a nod to the 2016 Le Mans-winning red and blue livery, each limited edition will be finished in Liquid silver with either red or blue design details. 

Customers will be able to choose from exposed red or blue-tinted carbon fiber that underscores the lower aerodynamics of the supercar. 

This includes tinting the front splitter, side sills, door sills, engine bay louvers, and rear diffuser.

The limited edition will also have exposed gloss carbon fiber 20-inch wheels with red or blue inner-barrel accents.


Inside, the Ford GT LM Edition features Alcantara-wrapped carbon fiber seats with a matching red or blue driver’s seat.

And yes, it’s the driver’s seat only.

The other one is black, which is nice a touch.

The limited edition will also come with an instrument panel badge made from ground down engine crankshaft from the actual 2016 third-place Ford GT Le Mans race car.

The Ford GT LM will be the last in a series of 10 ultra-limited edition supercars by the automaker and customer deliveries will start this fall. 

Ford Performance Motorsports Global Director Mark Rushbrook said the GT’s “innovative materials, design and engineering” made it “unlike any other production supercar”. 

“As we close this chapter of the road-going Ford GT, the GT LM Edition gave us a chance to inject even more heart and soul from a podium-finishing racecar, furthering the tribute to our 2016 Le Mans win,” he said.

The Ford GT powertrain will remain the same. 

Powered by a 3.5-liber V6, the Ford GT produces 660 hp, goes from 0-100km/h in three seconds, and reaches a top speed of 347km/h. 

Ford GT LM Edition price

Ford hasn’t revealed what the LM will cost, but we can expect it to be priced well over the standard $500,000 version.




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