Forklift driver drops oven on Ferrari F8 Tributo hood

We all have bad days but this forklift driver's was the worst, after he managed to drop an oven on the hood of a Ferrari F8 Tributo.

by | Published on 15th Apr 2023

A change of career is probably the best thing for this Chinese forklift driver.

We all have bad days, but this guy literally had the day from hell.

Not only did he manage to drop the load off his forklift, he dropped it onto the hood of a Ferrari F8 Tributo.

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Yes, seriously.

Fortunately, the Ferrari F8 Tributo was parked up at the time, so it’s unlikely any injuries occurred during the incident.

Obviously, we expect the Italian supercar owner to be absolutely furious about it, though.

To be honest, we’re not quite sure how the incident even occurred.

Pictures emerged online of the red Ferrari F8 Tributo with what appears to be a professional oven resting on its hood.

Originally, they were shared on the Chinese social media app Weibo before being posted to Twitter.

Putting two and two together, one would surmise the forklift driver was attempting to drive around the front of the parked supercar when his load became unbalanced.

There’s even video footage of the incident, although it only shows the aftermath rather than how it played out.

The footage shows the oven still on the hood of the supercar, so it’s hard to gauge what damage was caused.

What you can see, though, is that the front-end of the Ferrari is lower than the rear, suggesting the oven is quite heavy.

Not only that but it’s made of metal, so although it’s probably not a write-off, it’s going to need repair work to its hood and perhaps the front bumper.

While there’s no shortage of forklift accidents doing the rounds online, it’s hard to imagine a situation more embarrassing than dropping an oven on a Ferrari F8 Tributo.

Let’s just hope it wasn’t the forklift driver’s boss’ supercar, otherwise he really will be looking for another job.



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