Someone actually paid $24k for this sunken Tesla Model X

How the Tesla Model X ended up at the bottom of the Danube River remains a mystery, but someone felt the urge to buy the water-damaged SUV nevertheless.

by | Published on 13th Apr 2023

Everyone knows water and electricity don’t mix. 

So, why would anyone in their right mind want to buy a Tesla Model X that had been at the bottom of a river?

Sounds ludicrous, but that’s exactly what happened.

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This is what went down (pardon the pun).

A Tesla Model X was parked up at a ferry dock on the Danube River and somehow, the EV ended up in the water.

How the drama unfolded remains a mystery, but we can only presume it slid down the concrete ramp.

Perhaps the driver forgot to put it into park and enable the parking brake?

Who knows, but thankfully nobody was inside.

Noticing their car had gone into the water, the panic-stricken owner immediately called the fire department.

By the time they arrived, though, it was too late.

The SUV was fully submerged in the river, so a crew of rescue divers were called upon to search for the Tesla.

They found it and immediately began trying to pull the car from its watery grave.

When it emerged from the water, the rear falcon doors and trunk were open.

A sad end for what’s a pretty good SUV in all fairness.

Crazily enough it wasn’t the end, though, as supposedly the day after the accident the owner managed to sell the Tesla Model X.

Rumor has it, they sold the water-damaged SUV for €22,000, which is around $24,000.

This is where we’re left baffled, as we can’t seem to fathom why anyone would want to buy an SUV that had been lying at the bottom of a river.

The only reasonable explanation we can think of is that they must have thought some of its parts were salvageable.



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