Acura NSX is found abandoned in a river 16 years after it was stolen

This Acura NSX was stolen in 2003 and found submerged in a river a long 16 years later. Now, it's getting restored to its former glory.

by | Published on 13th Mar 2023

This 1991 Acura NSX spent 16 years underwater in a river, and now it’s getting a second chance at life. 

The car was reported stolen back in 2003 and was found submerged in a river during a missing person investigation in 2019.

Now, it’s been bought for $8,500 by a man who plans to restore it to its former glory. 

It sounds like a lot of money, but it’s a steal considering the average Acura NSX circa 1991 sells for $100,000.

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When the car was first recovered from the lake in 2019, the towing company took ownership of it. 

Its future was all but decided, with the used Acura NSX due to be crushed. 

That was until one die-hard NSX fan swooped in and saved it. 

The buyer, called Jay, told The Drive he “absolutely” wanted to save it, despite its condition.

You don’t have to look hard to realize the car is in possibly the worst state you could imagine. 

In photos posted by LSX Salvage, it’s rusted within an inch of its life and the interior is covered in weeds and a layer of mold. 

Jay will have to completely overhaul the car, including the engine.

In fact, Jay doesn’t even know if it has an engine anymore. 

This is because he hasn’t got his hands on the car yet, he’s only seen the photos.

Despite this, Jay insists the car, which has just 32,000 miles on its clocks, is worth saving.

Jay’s shop, Helix Auto Works, has actually done a couple of restoration jobs on salvaged NSXs, so he feels equipped for the job. 

He doesn’t know how well the Acura NSX will turn out but says he has a plan for it regardless. 

“We’re gonna try to either restore it or build a fun shop car we can take to the track,” he said. 



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