Corvette with ‘lowest mileage in the world’ receives first wash since 1982 – and it’s automotive ASMR

  • A 1982 Corvette with just 33 miles on the clock was found abandoned in a barn
  • The car was covered in layers of dust, dirt and grime 
  • It had its first wash in four decades, returning it to its former glory 

Published on Jun 17, 2024 at 1:35 PM (UTC+4)
by Claire Reid

Last updated on Jul 12, 2024 at 7:43 PM (UTC+4)
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A Corvette that was found abandoned in a barn, with just 33 miles on the clock, has had its first wash in over 40 years. 

As barn finds go, you’d be hard-pressed to find something more exciting than a 1982 Collector’s Edition Corvette – the stunning car is a design classic and something any car-lover would be happy to have in their collection. 

Incredibly, that’s exactly what happened to one lucky man, who came across a Collectors Edition completely abandoned in a barn in Ohio, where it’s most likely spent the last 42 years. 

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The Corvette still had its temporary tags

Even more unbelievably, the car has just 33.3 miles (53km) on the clock.

The Corvette even has its temporary tags, while parts of the interior are still wrapped in plastic. 

Hailing it as the ‘lowest milage 1982 Corvette in the entire world’, the guys from WD Detailing called the find a ‘dream come true’.

Although it’s unclear exactly when or why the Corvette was abandoned, the fact it’s done so few miles means that it’s likely been in the barn since it was bought. 

The layers of dust, dirt, and grime also seem to support that theory. 

How did the clean-up go?

But fear not, as the team from WD Detailing was on hand to give the car a much-needed spruce up and get it looking as good as new. 

With the help of a pressure washer, some industrial-grade cleaning products, and a lot of elbow grease, the men manage to take the car from looking like something that was dug up out of the ground into its glorious former self. 

With the dust and dirt gone, the team was able to give the car a proper once-over and found it had a small scrape in the center of the nose, while the emblem on the lid of the gas tank was slightly bent and raised up and away from the body of the car. 

Other than that, somewhat surprisingly – given it has been left in a barn for more than four decades – the Corvette is in pretty good shape.

This isn’t the first barn find the team has been tasked with – they’ve previously given an abandoned Ferrari 512bb a new lease of life after it was discovered rotting away in a barn after 28 years. 

They’ve also uncovered a ‘secret’ hiding under the seats of a 1962 Chevy Corvette

You can see more from WD Detailing here

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