Minor body work dent on Rivian R1T leads to $21,000 repair bill

  • This poor guy had to pay $21,149.16 for minor repair on his Rivian R1T
  • The accident happened with a semi-trailer
  • Repairing the damage was no easy feat

Published on May 10, 2024 at 5:07 PM (UTC+4)
by Daksh Chaudhary

Last updated on May 10, 2024 at 5:14 PM (UTC+4)
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What’s the biggest amount you’ve ever paid to fix a tiny dent on your car?

Well, whatever that figure is, it’s nothing compared to what this poor guy had to fork out for a minor repair on his Rivian R1T.

We’re talking a whopping $21,149.16 here – that’s a huge amount for a small repair job.

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The whole ordeal started when a semi-trailer collided with this cool new Rivian pickup truck.

The damage to the rear quarter was quite visible, but not massive enough to cost that amount.

As we can see, the taillight’s broken, there’s a big dent on the side, and some pretty serious scratches around the area.

Now, most folks would expect a hefty bill for fixing all that damage.

But $21,149.16? That’s quite overwhelming!

The breakdown of the bill shows that the repair shop clocked in a total of 94.1 hours of labor.

At rates ranging from $120 to $195 per hour, that’s a lot of cash right there. And the parts alone cost a hefty $4,580.95

Repairing the damage was no easy feat. To mend the truck’s battered rear quarter, the technicians had to replace the damaged section with a brand-new rear half.

The repair shop went the extra mile to get the job done, sending their technicians all the way to Rivian’s plant in Normal, Illinois.

After the training, the work was done, and it looked quite satisfactory.

The owner, who shared the whole ordeal on Reddit along with the repair bill, did commend the repair shop for their work.

Now, we know, Rivian R1T is kind of futuristic and even has a built in camper-kitchen, but still, $21,149.16 is no small change.

People on Reddit were understandably shocked at the hefty bill.

Some even raised concerns about car companies trying to rip off both car owners and insurance companies.

To make matters worse, the bill wasn’t settled easily.

It took a two-month battle for the owner to finally get the claims for the damage.

So, next time you think your repair bill is steep, just remember the tale of this poor Rivian R1T owner and his $21,149.16 dent fix!

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