This is why the Rivian R1T is the coolest new pickup truck in the world

It's faster from 0-60 than a Porsche Taycan GTS and it has hidden Easter Eggs in every corner.

by | Published on 31st Dec 2022

This is the Rivian R1T and it’s one of the craziest pickup trucks in the world.

It looks great, it’s fast as lightning and it has a good range.

Rivian has also hidden Easter Eggs in every corner.

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The first thing that stands out is the futuristic design language.

At the front, there’s a horizontal strip of LED lights running across the front section and there are two vertical headlamps.

Inside the vertical headlamps, you’ll find subtle Rivian logos and badging.


In fact, as Supercar Blondie’s Domi points out in the video, there are “Rivian logos literally everywhere”.

The hood is actually a ‘frunk’ – a front trunk – and there are three ways to open it.

You can use your key, the infotainment screen or you can use a small button located right above the grille.

Inside, as there’s no ‘normal’ engine, you’ve got two charging ports and enough space for all your luggage.

On the subject of storage space, in addition to the truckbed, you’ve also got a secret compartment behind the rear door.

Believe it or not there’s enough room in there to fit a human.

Domi actually tries this in the video and fits.

There are also four ways to unlock the car.

Apart from the regular key fob, you can use the Rivian app, a hotel room-style key card and a Rivian bracelet.

And the bracelet is waterproof so you can drive to the beach, empty your pockets inside the car, lock the car with the bracelet and go for a swim.

About the Rivian R1T powertrain

The Rivian R1T is available in three specs.

The ‘Standard’ model offers 260 miles of range, while the Large and Max battery packs offer a driving range of 314 and 400 miles, respectively.

Possibly the craziest thing about the Rivian is the number of batteries.

The battery pack alone contains 7,776 batteries.

However, Rivian didn’t really like that number, so they hid a small battery-powered flashlight in the door to make it 7,777.

The electric powertrain in the Rivian makes 835 hp and 495 ft-lb of torque.

This explains why the truck is able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds, despite weighing over three tons.

Rivian R1T interior

The interior is upholstered in vegan leather, including the seats and the dashboard.

Even the floormats are made from recycled material.

In the cabin, you’ll also find two digital displays, the instrument cluster and the infotainment one.

And then you’ll find the coolest thing ever: a hidden Rivian-branded speaker hidden underneath the center console armrest.

Rivian pick-up truck price

Pricing for the Rivian truck starts at around $74,000 for the standard model.

Meanwhile, the range-topping variant with 400 miles range starts at $89,000.



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