Montana’s secret car graveyard is full of vintage cars, some up to a century old

  • Check out the footage of this mysterious car graveyard in the Montana mountains, US.
  • The secretive graveyard has been added to for fifty years
  • However, some of the cars go as far back as a century with Classic Cadillacs, Rolls-Royces, Fords, Dodges, and Plymouths featuring

Published on Apr 04, 2024 at 3:57 PM (UTC+4)
by Amelia Jean Hershman-Jones

Last updated on Apr 04, 2024 at 6:03 PM (UTC+4)
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Montana’s secret car graveyard is full of vintage cars, some up to a century old

Love classic cars? Then you’ll love this footage of a mysterious car graveyard in the mountains of Montana, US.

The secretive graveyard for automobiles dating back up to a century has been growing for fifty years.

These include beautiful vintage specimens – from Classic Cadillacs and Rolls-Royces to Fords, Dodges, and Plymouths.

Lambvinski’s Garage

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While some will eventually be sold for parts, recycled, or used as movie props – in the meantime, they’re simply sitting there gathering dust and rusting.

Not unlike this abandoned Peugeot dealership with dozens of its most classic cars rotting away.

Far less of a mystery is this million-dollar car graveyard in a German forest that’s full of rare motors, which is actually a work of art.

Back to Montana, and the graveyard is filled with thousands of relics from the golden age of motoring – and it’s become legendary for car enthusiasts.

Among those who have tracked it down is the father-and-son duo behind the Lambvinski’s Garage YouTube account.

Set live in August 2023, their video of the Montana car graveyard has amassed over 34K views.

The Lambvinskis drove 10 hours from his Washington home to see if the lore of the car graveyard was indeed true.

What he found amid the Montana mountains were thousands of classic cars spread over hundreds of acres.

While the site itself only dates back to the 1970s, some of the cars within its confines are far older.

In fact, some of the classic cars are almost a century old.

But, it turns out there’s a reason why so few have tracked down the hallowed site.

“I’m going to say this now: they don’t really want us telling you who they are because they don’t want to be on the phone all the time,” the content creator informed his followers.

“If you guys just want parts send me an email, then I can get you in touch with them.”

And, of course, there’s a Reddit thread on the site.

“I’ve been here! The most surreal and spooky thing ever,” said one Redditor – not unlike this ‘traffic jam forest’, which is filled with hundreds of abandoned cars buried in a long line.

“There’s a bullet-nose Studebaker, an ancient Rolls-Royce, several VW buses, all kinds of incredibly sweet rides ditched for no clear reason, left to just rot away,” said another.

“That’s a 40,000-dollar bus,” another said of just one of the hundreds of school transport vehicles added to the aging collection more recently.

Some were struck by the vehicles as a collective.

“This is actually kind of beautiful,” said one.

Meanwhile, others were more focused on how the cars all came to be there.

“Looks like everyone parked for a concert, had a few drinks, and then abandoned their cars,” one commented.

“Kinda depressing to see all the cars and trucks I grew up with (and loved) huddled together and returning to the soil from which they came,” added another.

Some were keen to simply keep the site a secret for as long as possible.

“That’s a great yard,’ wrote one, ‘and I won’t say the location either.’


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