New drone footage provides exclusive look inside $5.5 billion Tesla Gigafactory Berlin

  • Tesla’s ‘Gigafactories’ are the largest and often most important facilities that Tesla runs and operates
  • Giga Berlin, Tesla’s Gigafactory in Germany, is the first and so far only one in Europe
  • It cost around $5.5 billion to build

Published on Mar 19, 2024 at 1:24 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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Tesla is expanding its ‘portfolio’ of gigafactories and this is the one in Berlin, which is also the first and so far only Gigafactory in Europe.

And it’s gigantic.

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Tesla’s Gigafactories are massive industrial facilities where cars are built and tested.

At the time of writing, Tesla operates five of them, three in the US, one in China and the one you see here, in Germany.

There’s also another one that’s being built in Mexico as we speak.

Giga Nevada is the largest, but Giga Texas is arguably the most ‘famous’, because it is also Tesla’s HQ, also because that’s the one that ‘gave the world’ the long-awaited Cybertruck.

Even the ‘Cybertruck Delivery Event‘ took place at Giga Texas.

Gigafactories aren’t the only facilities owned and operated by Tesla, but they are the largest and generally the ones that cost more to build.

Giga Berlin cost a whopping $5.5 billion and drone footage shared by the company reveals the true scale of the project.

After leading the EV industry for about a decade, the EV manufacturer is now playing catch-up with BYD.

The Chinese brand overtook Tesla in terms of EV sales and, more importantly, it is now growing globally.

In the past, Chinese brands would usually only cater to the country’s domestic market, but now buyers can find BYD in other countries as well, including most countries in Europe.

This is why Giga Berlin plays a key role for Tesla.

And it is also why the EV maker is reportedly considering opening a new Gigafactory in Italy.

During a recent trip to the Mediterranean country, Elon Musk met the Italian PM and expressed interest in potentially opening a new complex in Italy.

Having said that, this being Musk, we wouldn’t hold our breath.

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